Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Synagogue with a view!


This is one of the dozen synagogues in Meitar.
It is the closest one to my place but I have never been inside it.
It's at the end of a street, on the edge of town. 

The windows in the sanctuary look out and down on the desert! 
If I went to services I'd probably be gazing out at nature instead of focusing on the prayerbook or the sermon. 
Maybe I should try sometime.
(Linking to Toby's meme, Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors.)


Hels said...

I believe preserving the natural landscape will probably help you more, once you arrive at the Pearly Gates to plead your case... but who knows? :)

Reader Wil said...

I would do the same! Nature is part of God and a prayer in itself.
Thanks for your advice! I drink 3bottles of water a day!
Fortunately it started to rain yesterday. Nobody can stand this heat!!

VP said...

Quite strange, but surely eye-catching!

Bergson said...

it must not be very busy

toby said...

Oh, it's very pretty - I like the windows! It needs a front lawn, though, or a rock garden, or *something*... :)

William Kendall said...

I do like the architectural style of this synagogue!