Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pagoda-style roofs in Bedouin village


I have been following live broadcasts of  Pope Francis' August 13-18 pastoral journey to South Korea.
At today's Mass he spoke to 50,000 young people from 23 countries gathered in the Castle of Haemi and preached (in English!!)  on the theme of the 6th Asian Youth Day--“Asian Youth! Wake up! The Glory of the Martyrs Is Upon You!”

Some of the Korean architecture reminded me of  a few houses I see from my bus between Meitar and Beer Sheva.
The pagoda-style roofs seem to be a popular theme in newer Arab houses.
The ones in my photo are on the outskirts of  Bedouin village Umm Batin,  also known as Abu Kaf. 

Why do they need such big villas next to their farm, you ask?
Bedouin families average six to ten children.
Israel bans polygamy,  but Bedouin men often marry two to three wives and can have families with as many as 25 children.

 The Negev desert makes up 60% of the Israel’s land mass, but it is a sparsely populated area that holds only 8% of the country’s population.
About  700,000 people live in the Negev.
This includes over 200,00 in  Beer Sheva.
It also includes an estimated 200,000 Bedouin citizens.
UPDATE:  Broadcasts and videos of the Pope in Korea can be seen at
(Linking to Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors.)


crystal said...

I haven't been keeping up with the pope's trip to Korea - maybe I'll read about it tiday. Sometimes I think you like him better than I do ;)

William Kendall said...

I didn't know that the Pope was out in Korea. I do like that architectural style.

Dina said...

You can always see what Pope Francis is up to at

Scroll right for future events and live broadcasts.
Scroll left for video on demand of what was.
It is so interesting to hear Papa Francesco speaking English for the first time!

Cloudia said...

Yes, Francis has been wearing the yellow ribbon and reaching out the the families of the ferry disaster. Quite a guy.

We've been following your news of course, and there actually seem to be new possibilities for peace. I used to feel vulnerable. Now I think I understand you Israelis better. I feel sure of what I know and am undeterred by idiots and anti-Semites. The list of those who wished us ill is as long as your arm and as old as the world. The Gazans are not happy with the way it is and may be open to alternatives. . . . For once the Arab League sees common cause with Egypt and Israel in "certain matters." Thanks for posting! Shalom

Hels said...

The pagodas actually look quite impressive, but I wonder why Bedouin house designers favour this eatern element. Do the roofs allow in more air, perhaps?

Birdman said...

I wonder if the Pope will speak to them about the multiple wives? I think not.

VP said...

I hope the Koreans keep the guy, he won't be missed...

Leora said...

Interesting style, choosing a pagoda for a roof!

toby said...

Yes, I've seen some pagodas in my area as well. I like them a lot! I imagine that sitting out there would provide a great breeze :)

photodoug said...

Good find. Thanks for sharing.

Kay said...

It is a bit of an Asian style roof, isn't it?