Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tikkun of fan


With a sudden  high-pitched screech my faithful summer companion let me know it was time to pull the plug.
I tried to bring her back to life, I did, first with a cleansing from  pervasive desert dust.
Not knowing much about motors, I unscrewed the motor, turned it over, and . . . well . . .,  looked at it.
Unscrewing the timer, I was fascinated by all the numerous tiny plastic cogs.
I tried to imagine the small Chinese working fingers that  had carefully assembled the timer.

Reassembled everything, tried the switch and . . . nada, nothing.

The next day it was in the 30s (90s F.) as usual.  Hot!
(Did I mention that I hate this apartment's air conditioner?  Too cold, too dry, noise, expensive,  have to shut the windows.)

And the rockets were flying so I was afraid to take the bus to Beer Sheva to look for a new fan. 

I normally never pray about material things, but finally I asked God if he knew how to fix fans.
Would you believe??   The very next morning  the fan was giving blessed wind in my house!

Alas, it  worked only for a day.   But I was grateful for that little sign from above.

I made peace with the realization that a 10" Chinese box fan's lifespan is not forever.
Fan had cooled me every summer since 2006, so I thanked her and said farewell.

A new one arrived today to our post office in Meitar, by mail,  from an online supplier in Tel Aviv.  A lifesaver!


William Kendall said...

That's a good lifespan for one of those devices. I wouldn't even try to open up one of those... I'd never get the screws in the right places afterwards.

Spiderdama said...

I would never dare to disassemble the fan. You know, summer in Norway has been so hot that stores ran out of fans:-)

Nadege said...

I don't have air conditioning either but I live on the coast. A fan is good enough and I understand your frustration with air conditioning. Have you ever seen this DIY "You tube" video :

Sara said...

Thank goodness for online shopping! Your little Fan served you well. You were brave to try to heal her illness; and it looks like God did, for one day anyway. You made me smile with this post.

Cloudia said...

Great story about a common thing. The rockets flying do add a spicy note.
I'm impressed that you try to investigate and even repair things as I like to try. Tomorrow's post actually touches on a couple of minor triumphs in a similar vein.

We're all praying that things calm down where you are.
Shalom, Dear Dina

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

Reader Wil said...

Thanks heavens that your new fan arrived by mail!
I hope that you will find some cool air from the fan. Fortunately the weather is a bit cooler than that of the past few weeks.Now we have alternately sunshine and rain.
For now I wish you shabbat shalom.

yael said...

You are a brave woman Dina;)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you have a replacement Dina. I am thinking of you and your countrymen every day. shalom. Fran

VP said...

So a bit of shopping works better than a prayer... Obviously only for material things! Long live the new fan!

crystal said...

Here, where it's about the same temp as where you are, I use a small window air conditioner and a fan too.

Thanks God for mail order! I get a lot of stuff from because I can't drive to the store.

Birdman said...

Hey, these days 8 years can be a lifetime with motors. Enjoy your new found 'friend'.

Kay said...

Thank goodness, Dina! I'm glad you were able to cool off comfortably.