Monday, August 3, 2015

Rent a bike in Tel Aviv


 After years of delays,  construction began yesterday on the huge project of digging a subway and light rail system for Tel Aviv. 
Residents anticipate the worst -- increased congestion on the streets, perpetual gridlock, big delays, loss of business to stores along the route, etc.
There is even fear that rats will come up and out of their underground burrows when the machines start excavating.

These green bicycle rental stations all around Tel Aviv  have been popular for years.
But now, everyone is asked to leave their cars at home and to ride a bike or take the bus in the city.
In Jerusalem we lived for years with the discomforts of torn up streets and detours and slowness as they slowly built the tram rails.
But we survived.
Here are some of my posts showing the light rail construction in Jerusalem:
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Riding the tram, at last! 
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VP said...

When public officials get worried about transportation, they always think of bicycles...

Rajesh said...

It will be very nice to drive on this bike.

Fun60 said...

Best of luck with that one.

Dina Lettre said...

Always fun to find another Dina!

Kate said...

I have been happy to learn that these rent-a-bike is speeding throughout the world. Am economical and ecological way to travel.

Cloudia said...

Good luck!

Kay said...

Aha! They're proposing to do the same thing in Hawaii. We'll see what happens.

GreenComotion said...

These programs can be very useful for travelers.
I have used rental bikes in France and I enjoyed that.
Cool colors!
Have a Great Week!!
Peace :)

Karl Demetz said...

These bikes have a very modern design, I like it.

Birdman said...

Outside the city limits has its pull in Maine. NO traffic to speak of now.

Gerard Michaud said...

Progress :( Dina where I live in Maine , no street lights , no side walks no progress just a few bikes on the road : )

William Kendall said...

The bikes are similar to the ones we've got here.

A light rail tunnel project is well underway here, supposedly ready by 2018.

crystal said...

I haven't yet noticed rental bikes here in central California, though they may have them downtown. Out here in the suburbs, everything is so far from everything else that it would be hard, plus not sidewalks or bike lanes everywhere. Like the green color :)