Saturday, August 15, 2015

The falling asleep of Mary


Everything ready for today's Feast of the Dormition of Mary at the Dormition Abbey on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem.
Happy Feast to Catholics and others who celebrate today.
(Orthodox Dormition on the Old Calendar comes on August 28.)
Please see more about the Dormition (aka Assumption) in my earlier post and also here.
And to us Jews, Shabbat shalom.
Something for everybody today.  :)
Update:  Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin just wrote a moving Reflection about Mary.
A few paragraphs, called "A Mystifying Beauty," -- worth your while.


Hels said...

Those chalices look exquisite.

Dina said...

Hels, like what we term "hidur mitsvah," I think.

Gosia k said...

In Poland is a public holiday Assumption of Mary and The Day of Polish Army

William Kendall said...

Quite intricate chalices.

crystal said...

The assumption of Mary is interesting, if only because there's so much emotional investment in an event that's not even in the NT. Beautiful cups :)

VP said...

We have a Dormition church, but it is a chapel inside a cemetery...

Kay said...

I didn't realize that's what it means. Should have known. Must be a Latin thing, hence dormitory?