Saturday, December 3, 2016

A weekend away, away

This is where I am this weekend!
At lovely Sonnenhof, the Community of Grandchamp's "House of Stillness" in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. 
It is in a secluded place on a hillside. Six nuns and right now fifteens retreat guests are staying here. 
Down below is the village of Gelterkinden where the old church rings bells several times an hour.
You can hear the distant church bells in my little video:

To see more about the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, at the very top of Switzerland, see here.


William Kendall said...

The sound of those bells really carries a long way!

Come Away With Me said...

I loved hearing the bells - thank you! May the peace and stillness make its way down into your heart, though I have a feeling you are also working very hard while there helping out with all that needs doing.

Alice said...

What a lovely place to be staying Dina