Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Old stones stand strong


In the previous post we saw the dazzling sunlight inside the upstairs chapel here at the monastic Community of Grandchamp.
But here at the entrance to l'Arche, on the ground floor,

where the nuns hang their warm capes before going upstairs to pray,

you can still see the original stones of the wall, from back sometime in the 1700s!

Just inside the door is a little corner with little boxes for writing your prayer requests (intercessions), so that the sisters will pray for the person or situation you mention in one of the four daily offices.
Enlarge the photo for the simple instructions in French and German.


Sandi said...

Old stones stand strong...I like that title!

William Kendall said...

Those old stones certainly have endured!

Kay said...

I would ask them to pray for our country at this difficult time.

Alice said...

I would request prayer for world peace. Lovely blog Dina

Hels said...

If only our prayer requests and the nuns' participation worked. I would ask for good health for the family, and world peace in Europe and the Middle East.