Thursday, December 22, 2016

Up out of the fog, into the sunlight!

The river flows right next to the Community of Grandchamp, a canal diverts some water through and even under the monastery, and we are also close to Lake Neuchatel.
Having all this water around, the air is saturated with humidity for many months during the gray winter.
Sometimes the nuns just get the urge to drive upward in search of the sun.

And last Sunday we did!
First you go up the Jura Mountains a few hundred meters and enter a dense band of fog.

The band of fog is even worse than our misty greyness down on the plain.

But finally, at about 1,300 meters up, you come out into the bright sunlight!   Yay!

And as the hotel's name promises, at the top you have a view of the spectacular Alps way on the other side of Switzerland!

If you enlarge the photo you see the jagged alpine peaks in the distance and the rounded Jura mountains in the foreground; the white stuff in between is fog.

Lots of beautiful places to hike to.

Just across the cattle guard, one of  the trails ascends.

It was freezing cold windy up there, but look at all the Swiss folks climbing up there!
The ski lift is on top.  But no snow.
It's OK. We'd rather see sun than snow.
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Spare Parts and Pics said...

A fun experience to leave the fog behind and drive up to the sunlight!! Pretty shots.

Sandi said...

The sun! Love how it peeks out.

Dina, how did you find this place? :) It sounds lovely!

Jim said...

Great shots.

Hels said...

I lived in Europe/Israel for 5 years and know perfectly well that the steering wheel is on the left hand side of the car. But your first photo still made me a bit anxious, as if my reflexes wouldn't be fast enough driving on the "wrong" side of the road. In the fog, even more so!

Petrea Burchard said...

Great photos, Dina!

Kay said...

What an awesome place. I LOVE fog. It's so mysterious and beautiful. However, I can imagine how depressing it can get if you see too much of it. Have a very wonderful Hanukkah celebration, Dina! We wish you the warmest aloha.

Alice said...

A very beautiful place to be staying at Dina

William Kendall said...

Splendid views, and the fog really gives a completely different feel to the land.