Monday, March 10, 2008

Give it a whorl

The new neighbors across the street are into permaculture.
Today their young helper built this fascinating garden spiral.

Can you believe, I had never seen such a thing (guess I've been away from Heifer Ranch too long); so I was all questions.
Here's what I learned.
This method combines many permaculture design principles. The base is rubble; this will give some air movement beneath the mound. The height of the raised bed and the placement of the stones create a range of niches and microclimates which can sustain many different kinds of plants.

This one might become an herb spiral. Come back later to see what's growing.


kay in hawaii said...

I wonder if we can manage to do this in Hawaii.

Dina said...

Kay, with all you two have managed to build in Hawaii so far, I believe there is nothing you can't do. Maybe you can build the spiral with volcanic rocks? ;-)

kay in hawaii said...

Hmmmm.... volcanic rocks? I'll have to mention it to my private gardener (my brother).