Saturday, March 29, 2008

Light for Earth Hour, and after

Earth Hour tonight around the world, with 23 cities and hundreds of towns turning off their lights at 8:00 pm. Wouldn't you know it--Israel, or rather Tel Aviv, had to do her part already on Thursday instead, because of the Sabbath. (Turning lights off or on is considered work.)
Look at this sleek new flashlight! Its solar panel recharges the 3 AA batteries. For about every two hours charged in sunlight the BoGo will give light for one hour. BoGo stands for Buy one, Give one. That's the best part. For every one you pay for, the SunNight Solar company in Texas gives one to a person in a war zone or refugee camp or in the developing world. I believe this sharing mitsvah is what prompted my altruistic son in California to pay for two and mail one BoGo to me.

Do read "The Importance of Light" at
Here is just the first surprising idea there:
"Why does light matter? Two billion people living in the developing world rely on kerosene lanterns, candles, and single-use battery flashlights for light at night. Not only are these options expensive, dangerous, and harmful to the environment, they also negatively impact health, education, and security. Literacy and Education Our lights provide an opportunity for children to read at night and to extend school hours. This is especially important in developing countries where most children spend all day tending crops, taking care of livestock, or working in cottage industries. Kerosene is increasingly expensive, especially given the recent rise in the price of petrochemicals, so many families cannot afford it. Flashlights are even more expensive, and candles do not provide adequate lighting to read. As a result, many children will never learn to read and will be trapped in a life of poverty. Our lights give them a chance at a better life, thus education is one of the strongest pillars in our vision to light the world."

I admire people of vision and of generous heart who come up with ideas like this and ways to share. And thank you too, dear son, for caring about your mama. This great flashlight can be the start of my emergency survival kit for the next big earthquake and/or war.
(Sheh lo nedah.)


Small City Scenes said...

A yarmulke with Spiderman---I love it.
Lights out--right on.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. MB

Musings said...

Chicago also participated in the Earth Hour but they reported only a 5% drop in electricity. I have a feeling the participation wasn't quite what was hoped for but at least it's a start to get people thinking. Tif said she saw that the Sears Tower had most of its lights out. I love the idea of the flashlight!

Rambling Round said...

You've got a good son!
So, did people go outdoors and looks at the moon and stars while they were extra visible?