Sunday, March 2, 2008

Row on row

One of the many, too many, sections of the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.
They read like a history book of Israel's first sixty years. Walking among the graves, even on a tranquil day when almost no visitors are there, is difficult.
There today, right now, the Dan-Gur family is burying their firstborn, their only son, Eran z"l. He was one of the soldiers killed yesterday in Gaza while trying to stop the barrages of rockets being fired onto our civilians.

How hard it is to blog about pretty things here in the still-quiet Jerusalem Hills when just some 35 miles/55 km to the west the killing and maiming and terrorizing on both sides of the border is in full swing and escalating from day to day. God, let the craziness end!


kay in hawaii said...

Only 35 miles away?!? Oh my gosh, Dina! That's scary. I thought you said it was safe where you were. We've been hearing about the bombardments going on in both directions. I am so sorry.

Dina said...

Dear Kay,
Ashkelon, Sderot, and the smaller communities bordering Gaza ARE far away; they are clear on the other side of the country. (It's a small country.)
But my point was supposed to be that the people there are close--close to our heart--but all we can do here in the quieter place is to follow their suffering hour by hour via the media. And pray. For the children and women inside Gaza as well.