Sunday, April 26, 2009

The bus, the bus!

The bus! Here it is, right next to my house (which is down one terrace, on the left).
This might not sound too exciting to you if you have a car or live in Jerusalem. But for me, it is the only way to the city.
From morning to night, there are ten buses (that means one every few hours); only six on Friday; none on Saturday. Over 600 people live in the moshav (village) but the bus is usually quite empty.
The drivers are nice and stop for you or let you off wherever you want. The ride to Jerusalem Central Bus Station, the last stop, takes about 45 minutes.


spacedlaw said...

It takes me more time to get to the centre of Rome! But there are buses about every 10 minutes or so.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Everyone deserves to have access to public transportation. We don't do a very nice job of this in the USA, expect for our largest cities!

Thanks for stopping by to see my Sunday shot.

Pietro said...

Few buses indeed. But perhaps it's right because few people take them and they are never crowded.

Meead said...

We may have a student in our department from Israel next year. His name is Benny and he visited our lab just a couple of days ago. I talked to him a little bit about why he is interested in transportation. He told me Jerusalem does not have a very good public transportation and congestion is sometimes terrible there. I had a good chat with him.

Public transit in rural areas is so expensive because of low population density and longer distances. For rural areas, demand-responsive system (also known as dial-a-ride) work better.

Dina said...

Shalom everyone and thanks for your ideas.

Meead, Benny was right about Jerusalem streets. Hope you get to know each other.
There is an article today about the citrus in Iran: