Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seder Pesach together

Chag sameach--happy Pesach! I just got home from our nice family Passover seder in Yavne, on the other side of the country.

Even the youngest, my 17-month-old grandson Eyal, was holding and trying to read the Haggadah.
"Mah nishtana . . . Why is this night different from all other nights?" the children sing.
Well, for one reason, an added bonus this year, my son-in-law's parents (who hosted us at their house) had the rare pleasure of having all their eight young grandchildren together under one roof. A real blessing and lots of nachat (pride and joy) for them.


Katney said...

How wonderful to have the whole family for this special occasion! I rarely get all mine together at once.

Lew said...

Your part of this world is celebrating in a major way this week! And Jerusalem is a focal point for people of faith from all over the world. And what a delight it must be to have the newest family member there too! Very nice series of posts.

jordaenne said...

Beautiful reunion.

Thankyou for the christian Happy Easter and joyous passover to you, which is all about resurrection also, resurrection of a race.
For me, raised as a strong catholic religion now is all symbolic meditation.

I love the way you extend yourself to other religions because I think that is the weakness of religions it sets up walls of exclusion of other faiths when in fact its task should be to remove those barriers to humanity.

thanks for the post.
Have another beautiful day.

jordaenne said...

Other people may extend themselves to other faiths but let's face it you do research, you take photos and create artistic presentations that extend themselves to other faiths. So that makes you a messenger and you are a worthy messenger from the holy land!

(UNlike the pope who denounced Mohammed ha ha. Here I go again....)

This is too good Dina I want to hear about some of your weaknesses the things that you do wrong ha ha.

Have a beautiful season filled with love and light.

Delwyn said...

Hello Dina,

Happy Easter/Passover/or as they say sometimes in the US 'holiday' careful not to offend anyone nor exclude anyone...

Are you from the US?

Happy days

Sarah said...

Nice,Happy it to you Dina!
This is very pretty that you had gatherin party for this celebration.

Reader Wil said...

Chag sameach! How wonderful to be together as a whole family! Bless you!

nathalie in avignon said...

This must have been a sweet and joyous celebration. I'm so glad for you. Family reunions in a common spirit are precious.

Petrea said...

This is marvelous. I've been to only one seder and am picturing your family enjoying this tradition.

jordaenne said...

southern cross

we are all entitled to the southern cross to the constellation crux to the cruciform dream to the crucifiction

we are all entitled to wear the ruby studded crown and the fleece lined jacket

we are all entitled to the lovely pale red star gamma crucis at the summet of the cross

the profoundest reward bleeds from the deepest suffering

I remember her pale blue eyes seeing through her death and her look of gratitude for my being there and the lovely pale red star spinning in the blue skies of her eyes

I'm a catholic and this is my prayer for Holy Friday.

copyright jordaenne 2009

Catherine said...

So nice to be all together for a family reunion and celebration. That's the spirit of this Day.

Maria said...

Hi Dina, I wish you a happy Easter/Passover! I love the picture of your familiy reunion. We are a rather big family too (four sisters) and we all used to meet at Christmas and Easter at our parent's house.

Kay said...

This is certainly a wonderful blessing indeed, Dina. How fabulous to have all the family together! Shalom to you all.

jeannette stgermain said...

Wow that was great to have all your grand children there for this significant event!

Robin said...

Chag sameach! How wonderful to celebrate with family from both near and far.