Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A campus of their own

Welcome to the Safra (Givat Ram) Campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
While my daughter and her family are back in Israel (from their new home, Australia) for an academic visit, they are living on campus.
This fiddler greets the guests of Belgium House Faculty Club. Except that this week of Passover almost all of the guests and staff went on vacation. Naomi and Guy were given the key to the little hotel and unlock this front door by themselves!
Hmm, I wonder if my little Dean will want to take up violin. At his age (5), his mother began her violin study, with Suzuki lessons.
For this Pesach week when the campus is deserted, Dean has to settle for the company of "Draped Seated Figure" by Henry Moore.


Virginia said...

How wonderful that we get to meet your precious Dean! He looks like he's having fun with the art pieces. You must be very proud!

bennie and patsy said...

I have enjoyed your tours over the holidays. Thanks

Catherine said...

If he doesn't play violin, Dean seems to appreciate his time in Jerusalem. He is lucky to have the campus almost just for himself !

Ellen said...

I go to King's College London and we have an Edmond J. Safra lecture theatre in one of our campuses.
Just a little link between my world and yours!

Yaelian said...

Both your grandsons look so cute! That campus seems like a wonderful playground!

Cloudia said...

Couldn;t resist that stupid joke.
You grandkids are wonderful looking little people!
Aloha, Dina

Kay said...

What a good sport Dean is to pose for Grandma.

jeannette stgermain said...

Hope your grandson was not too bored playing alone:)
Ooh, I'm right, I haven't lost my touch yet - my first reaction was, that's a Henri Moore (I'm a fan of his art, LOL)
I know you're enjoying your family closeby!