Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monks in the market

Orthodox Christians will be observing Holy Week starting tomorrow, their Palm Sunday.
So yesterday these monks still had time to visit our Mahane Yehuda market.
Almost all of them carried a camera. But I was the only one photographing them. I guess Jerusalemites are so used to the diversity in our city, and the Jewish shoppers were so anxious to finish their Passover Week food purchases before Shabbat, that no one even looked twice at the rather unusual sight of monks in the market.


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Dear Dina:

We hope you saw Friday's post and that you will view the Easter Sunday post. You arrived at our site on our non HOLYday, holiday post. In America, most holidays have two components, the secular and the lay/commercial aspects. You can't believe how much candy and how many stuffed animals are purchased. And almost all children receive Easter baskets filled with candy and Easter themed trinkets!

We're learning so much from your posts this week.

Anonymous said...

Most people get so busy with their daily routines that it takes something truly monumental to get their attention. Since I started blogging, I find myself looking at things a bit differently, noticing things that I normally take for granted, but that I want to share with the people who have so generously shared glimpses of their world with me. I'm going to start keeping my camera with me, I think, though it is a bit unwieldy to carry about.

I'm enjoying this week's tour of both the Christian and Jewish aspects of the Holy Land. Thank you for sharing your pictures and the history.

Anonymous said...

Is it "unusual" then to see the monks in the market place.

Dina said...

Shalom Greensboro. Yes, I saw your Friday post and followed your link. Interesting, to say the least!
So will you mail me some Peeps? hehe

Kendris, you're so right. I've learned never to go out without the camera; I always regret it if I do.
Maybe you can get a pocket-sized one. Mine is open in my jeans pocket.
I decided to sacrifice great quality photos for portability.

Abe shalom. Yes, it sounds a bit contradictory the way I wrote it. I meant that downtown, and in the Old City, you see Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, clergy of all kinds, backpackers, pilgrims, rich and poor, etc. And in the market/shuk you often see nuns buying the fruit and vegetables. But a group of monks touring the market was a pleasant surprise for me.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

these priests are a common sight in greece - they look just the same in jerusalem!

Dina said...

hi Maria. Maybe they ARE from Greece. With the cameras they didn't seem to be the regulars.
I was hoping you'd see this one. :)

Catherine said...

Thanks to be our eyes, Dina. I would have photographied them too, if I had been there...If I had dared to ...
I like to watch all communities preparing their own celebration.

Kay said...

It must be so much fun to see people from different cultures enjoying Jerusalem especially at Easter time.

Cloudia said...

Aloha, Dina;
It's our good luck that YOU noticed!

spacedlaw said...

You get the same phenomenon in Rome. Happy Easter.