Saturday, August 29, 2009

Entangled elk

Why am I posting a grandson for today's Camera-Critters?
Well, you see how the thoughtful and careful Australians cover the swing's chains with a stiff coating?
If this had been done at a school in Pennsylvania, it might have prevented a bull elk from getting tangled in the chains of their swing set.
Willard Hill, at his wonderful "Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer" blog, explains it like this:
"Bulls often spar with other bulls, or rub their antlers against trees, etc. It seems likely that this was the cause of the entrapment, as the swing was likely a tempting target and gave a satisfy response to being punched with his antlers, until they became entangled."
If you haven't seen it already, please be sure to see the dramatic rescue of the wild elk, documented by Willard! Click here, then here, and finally here for his three posts.
UPDATE: Oops, I see Willard is now signed in at Camera-Critters. Good! Let's let him speak for himself. :D


storyteller at Small Reflections said...

Interesting choice for Camera Critters. Thanks for the interesting links. Your grandson is a QT ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

JD and Max said...

Hi - well, being cute puppies ourselves we think your grandson is one cute critter!! We LOVE human pups, they're so much fun to play with! Thanks for the links - we saw that post about the elk, it was incredible. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Kay said...

Good gracious! That's incredible. I'll be looking at swing sets differently now. Speaking of which... I hardly see any swing sets in Hawaii. I wonder why. We were always looking for them for KC but couldn't find any at the parks. I suppose they must be too hard to maintain. Granted, we don't have elks either.

Dimple said...

Thanks for pointing to the elk rescue, Dina. I'm glad the animal only lost one of its antlers!
BTW, cute kid!

Sandy Kessler said...

you had me fooled at first I was looking in shadows what a cutie sandy

Cloudia said...

Cute grandson. Shayna Punim!


Comfort Spiral

FA said...

WOW! It's sad when civilization gets in the way of nature's beasts. I'm glad that the elk was freed before more serious damage was done.

Leave it to the Australians. In addition to safety, I think that the protective covering adds further benefit: I remember that as a child after playing on swings that my hands would be covered with rust and dirt from the chain!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dina
How fabulous you came to visit my made my day. Great to have new faces from all around the world. And I too am glad you turned up today.[i've been a bit boring lately.. hehe] Well I intend to continue to post on Religous Arts from all over the world so am thrilled to be here and see your fabulous blog. And also good timing.. here you are saying Australians are 'thoughtful' We Try. hehe. So I see your grandson has his 'safety goggles' on!! Too cute. Look forward to many more visits [and reading back posts]. I have put you on follow so I find my way back here!! Shalom.. Julie from Australia

Willard said...


Thanks so much for sharing the elk incident with your readers.

That is a good idea about replacing the swing chains with that type of material, it would also be less likely to injure children as well.

JM said...

So cute!