Sunday, August 2, 2009

Partying on Shushan Street

SUMMER in Jerusalem means street parties--or so I learned quite by accident on Friday a bit before noon.
The loud and strange voices of a sound test coming from amplifiers drew me into this street which I had never-ever passed through before.

It turned out to be Shushan Street. You know, as in Shushan, Persia/Iran, famous in the Scroll of Esther read on Purim (remember that post?).

What's going on?!

The banners proclaimed: "The Front Stage, Jerusalem Street Parties."
OK, fine, free summer fun from the Jerusalem Municipality. Yalla!
Artists were painting on the metal doors and pipes along the street.
Only later, back home, I read about the happening in the Jerusalem Post:
"The festival . . . is organized by the city's municipality and Tuvia and Hakatze - two bars located on the street - in addition to Taltalistim [a group of party organizers headed by Yaacov Baharav]. 'Rehov Shushan is a beautiful, long and narrow street with cool buildings along its sides. It is on the edge of the city's recreational district, yet it is a bit run down lately. We want to bring the color back to it,' says Baharav.

This is the second year the festival takes place. Last year saw approximately 2,000 revelers come out. This year, the organizers are anticipating at least as many, if not more.
The art show consists of 50 artists using the walls, windows and water pipes of the buildings along the street as their canvases. The party includes . . . a fashion market, food stands and a non-stop street party featuring the electro-rock band Terry Poison as the main event."

Paintings even on the pavement.

Beautiful playing but the hat was not getting filled up.
It was still early and the festival was just getting organized.

Nice dreadlocks, eh?

This boy had no trouble playing the seamstress.

The "Urban Edges" street party party was to include an air juggler act hanging from a crane off the back of a truck.
I didn't wait around for that. Bus service back to my village stops in mid-afternoon on Fridays. So I headed back to the quiet Hills of Jerusalem for the Sabbath Eve and left the entertainment, which was due to go on until 6:30 (just before the beginning of Shabbat), to the city dwellers.
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ellievellie said...

Wow! So much to see! My favorite is the shadow of the tree on the fabric above the cute guys! So many different things mixed together - beautiful people!

FA said...

Looks like a great community event. This reminds me a little about the "block parties" that are pretty popular in Southern California on the 4th of July (on a smaller scale of course - but, a whole lot of fun).

Cloudia said...

Al Aksa is magical anytime, especially at night from below (in my imagination). What a fun festival, and what great photos you got! Aloha and thanks my friend-

Dina said...

Ellievellie, shalom. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't even notice the shadow. Oi.

FA, I heard about y'all's block parties but never saw one. Now I look on events (and places) like this thinking, "Will it blog?"

Cloudia, that video is terrible. A bit too close to home. Here in the Hills several nights a week we hear the fireworks and sometimes guns shooting in the air from the Arab weddings in the villages just over the next ridge.

Petrea said...

It looks great. I love this kind of funky street stuff that one can happen upon in a city. It takes me outside of my edges a little.

kaye said...

A very interesting summer activity! thanks for sharing.

Vagabonde said...

It must be fun to go to outdoor parties like this; you are lucky to have so much going on in your area. Here, if I’d like to see some people, they are close by in the various Civil War Battle sites all around me – sometimes there are re-enactments, but I would not call that “fun”!

Green said...

Such a cool street! It is also named after Shushan which is nice. Google "shush, khuzestan, Iran" and see the satellite image of today's Shushan. You may also read this sort wiki page:

Julia Smith said...

I'm so glad you stumbled upon the street party - because I really enjoyed tagging along.

Hilda said...

It sounds like an eclectic, artsy and fun mix of events. I would have enjoyed it, I think.

Pietro said...

Dina, what an interesting post! Great funs in the street, I like all of these, very nice the artists. Hurray for the amusement! World ought to be always a great amusement everywhere!!!!!

Leora said...

Shushan is a great name for a street with a party. The dreadlocks guy looks like someone we met on our trip last the Jerusalem artists!

Bim said...

Looks like ample stuff to keep everybody busy for some two days. I love street parties.

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

It's neat to have festivities like that and to see artists come out to show their "talents".
I wish we had more of that around here. It looks like fun.

ilanadavita said...

Great photos which show a very busy Shushan street.

JM said...

Fantastic coverage, Dina! I like those street instalations and being there really sounds like fun!

RuneE said...

It seems to a lively place - in every sense of the word.

PS Thank you for the comments!

Joyce said...

Juggle on the back of a crane sounds different. Interesting street party and eye is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Interesting photos and I thank you for taking me along to the street party. I find these SS photos all so interesting.

Dina ... UK said...

Hi Dina,
I must admit I do love music...
When we went to Edinburgh Scotland, the pipe music from the shops was fantastic...I felt like doing a highland fling while
A street party sounds wonderful.
Love your photos.

Sara said...

Shalom Dina! Thanks for your comment on my Hebrew...(can't speak it, but I can write it a little thanks to a year's study at San Diego State three decades ago)...

This was a fascinating look at the street party on Rehov Shushan. I had to spend a little time studying that bike on top of the wall....very interesting sculpture. It took me a minute to realize that it was a sculpture and not a real motorbike.

Judging by your photos, street parties can be very intriguing, but I'm more the quiet type and would have retreated with you back to the peace and quiet of my own home after a bit.

Robin said...

Ooh, what fun! I love street parties, and I especially love the art on the metal utility cabinets - urban beautification at it's most effective. Great Summer Stock post!

Mama Pajama said...

Wow, looks like fun!

cherie said...

oh wow, i enjoyed this a lot! i can't seem to leave, haha! off to read more...

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Wow, what a lovely way to get together and have fun in the summertime. :-)