Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heading home at sunset

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I had a good visit near the coast yesterday, mostly looking out from a relative's balcony at this view--construction of a new wing of Tel Aviv Museum.

The strange tower on the left soars upward out of a 17-floor office building in HaKirya military base.

The bus home to Jerusalem passes the Azrieli towers.
The third, triangular highrise is behind these two.

Just a few minutes on the highway out of Tel Aviv the just-cut hay fields were golden in the setting sun. Fresh hay in big round bales.
I was glad to leave the skyscrapers behind and head back to my beloved hills next to Jerusalem.

Such a small distance across the country from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Less than an hour on the bus. But the two cities are worlds apart.
To look at skies from around the larger world, just click on SkyWatch Friday and be transported.


Erin said...

like the captures of the skyscrapers...indeed quite different from your usual views.
have a wonderful weekend dina.

Texas Travelers said...

A taste of the modern with a beautiful scenic.

Come visit

Eric said...

Very nice SWF-post, the second one is my fav.

Have a nice SWF.

Ellie said...

I like the power cables - such a great angle to showcase the giant buildings!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Thank you for including the map, Dina. It helps explain your journey from the big city back to your home.

JOE TODD said...

Thanks for the tour commentary and photos

Petrea said...

A visit to the city reminds one of how wonderful the countryside is. And vice versa, I suppose. Variety=spice, etc.

Those towers are interesting with the three basic shapes. Architects thinking like artists. I just love that, especially when the buildings function well, too.

Dimple said...

Hi Dina, I like the fields. I'm a country girl at heart, although I was raised in a city. So country things are best!

J Bar said...

Didn't know Tel Aviv had such big skyscrapers.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Cloudia said...

You really show the country!


Comfort Spiral

Barbara Martin said...

I liked the countryside photo best, but that's probably because I'm a country girl at heart.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I like the city but I've got to get out in country quite often. Beautiful photographs.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

I marvel at Jerusalem's diversity. Hungarians in Jerusalem, wow!

Please show us the museum when it is completed. Such a nice slice of life.

Ann said...

Very interesting post. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are so different.

Sara said...

I bet those buildings look amazing from above, with their geometrical shapes.

Yaelian said...

Great picture of the Azrieli towers!

Arija said...

To my country bred eyes the third shot was pure balm.

Regina said...

Great skies!

Jew Wishes said...

What beautiful photos. The one with the skyscrapers is stunning.

The countryside is lovely.

Pietro said...

Excellent Sky Watch post.
I like very much the image of the Azrieli towers.

magicpolaroid said...

that beautiful post! like all photos!
like so much the Azrieli towers and the diversity bet. TA and Jer. this is Isreael!