Monday, December 28, 2009


Don't worry, this is NOT Jerusalem.
(Click on the first photo to see what I mean.)
In TEL AVIV today it must have been 25 C / 77 F.
Hot and dry.
Winter is supposed to be rainy and cold, even in Tel Aviv.

If the "sun-worshipper" on the picnic table turned his head to the right (toward the Mediterranean), he saw the three Azrieli Towers.

To his left, these towering buildings.

Me? I could hardly wait to get back on the bus and get home to my beloved Jerusalem and the crisp fresh air of the Mountains of Judea (aka Jerusalem Hills).
It's a whole different world.
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Pietro said...

What wonderful landscapes, Dina.
Here spring has arrived as well, it's hot and in the mountains there is avalanches danger.

Vogon Poet said...

How much is changed the skyline with those towers... They still have their own bus company? I Egged my way around almost all of Israel, but in Tel Aviv they got blue buses with another name.
Did you know that Bat Yam is twinned with Livorno?

Dina said...

Pietro, yeah, but I prefer the old stones of Jerusalem.
Wow, be careful up in your mountains. Are there avalanche barriers?

Vogon Poet, yes, Tel Aviv and suburbs are still served by Dan buses.
But the bus cooperatives Dan and Egged no longer have a monopoly in Israel. There are now some routes served by smaller companies, like Connex.
There was so much traffic on the highway at 8:00 this morning that my Egged bus took an hour and a half from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Coming back at noon it took only 50 minutes.
Really?? Bat Yam is your twin city? Nice! How is that expressed?

Sylvia K said...

Great shots, Dina, but like you I would be eager to get back to the old stones of Jerusalem! I've had enough of big, modern cities. At least where we live in Seattle we're a long way from the big city buildings -- it's surely not like Jerusalem by any means, but it is quieter and close to the water. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Erin said...

almost reminded me of southern california...interesting post.
wishing you health and prosperity in 2010.

J Bar said...

Very interesting sights.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Quilt Works said...

YOu are lucky to have such nice warm weather. I would like to trade for a day!

...see what is in front of my house!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, dear Dina. What a pretty skyline. I really love the 2nd landscape shot where you framed the tall building with those two gorgeous palm trees - great shot!

mire said...

beautiful photo.

Yes Dina you are lucky in Jerusalem you have country living in your village but you are so close to the ancient city.

have a beautiful day filled with love and light.

Leif Hagen said...

On a day like today, I wouldn't mind laying in the sun for a little Vitamin D! The snowbanks and cold weather are getting in the way right now!

Regina said...

What a great place. Thank you for sharing Dina.

Cheers for the New Year!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

that's how i feel everytime i go to athens - it's a different world down here in crete

Benikos place said...

unbelieveble!! Samos is also very warm this year about 20 c!
Only in Berlin is everything in order, today -4 ;))

Blognote said...

Wonderful landscapes even with the towering buildings! Back to the old stones of beloved Jerusalem...I can immagine!!

Arija said...

Beautiful photos Dina. Our temps are soaring and the fire season is full on.

Yaelian said...

Well,it is a bit cooler here today.Yesterday was really a summer day, I spent some hours at the beach with my brother ,who is visiting here and we could not believe it was December! Great pictures Dina!

Suzanne said...

Geezzz, I could use some 77 degree weather just about now! Looks inviting! Also enjoyed your last few days blogs, Christmas Reflections and Sad St. Stephen. Thanks Dina.

Evelyn Howard said...

Looks pretty good here too :) lovely blue sky...

Eki said...

I like the palm trees and the green lawn.

25 degree celcius to me sounds like a mild and nice temperature. Bandung's temperatures range between 18 - 29 with about 80 percent humidity almost all year round. The rainy season is cooler.

cieldequimper said...

Hmmmmm... the rain woke me up at 4:00 am... The skyline is actually quite nice !

JM said...

I like to see the skyscraper between the (date?) palm trees!

Jew Wishes said...

What wonderful photos and perspectives!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

It's important to live in a place you love. I too need to be near my mountains (even if they're burnt to a crisp)