Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old City scenes

Three fun pics gleaned from a short walk across the Muslim Quarter and the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City.

In a grocery shop, the 6th century Dome of the Rock atop a mountain of spices.
Enlarge to see the sesame and za'atar up close!

11:50 a.m. Arab girls in their school uniforms, busy with snacks.

An old colander is secondary use.
Imagine carrying such big keys in your pocket in the old days!


  1. Your subjects are so unexpected, Dina ! I love your blog.
    Bravo for the mountain of spices....Incredible !

  2. What fun, never a dull moment in the Old City.

  3. Nice photos of everyday life in old Jerusalem

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  5. You are doing much better than my walks! These pictures are great and funny!

  6. hello beautiful Dina,
    Aren't those little arabic girls wonderful.they look so sweet in their uniforms.
    There is something mesmerizing about kids in a school uniform -I'm not quite sure what it is

    I love that mountain of spices using the natural elements to build a collage of worship.

    Wow those keys are really anciet relics.

    thanks for this exotic voyage in OLd Jerusalem.
    Beautiful photograpy as usual you wizard of light you.

  7. Three delightful pictures, Dina. Such a lovely, diverse city! You are blessed.

  8. Great slice of life photos - that spice display is amazing!

  9. love these pics, i will be forever fascinated by spice mounds. Carla

  10. All shots are so cool! I've seen 'spicy pyramids' in many markets in muslim or hindu countries but I'm amazed at this one!

  11. That spice mountain is amazing and I love the colander!

  12. I can almost smell the spices! I wonder if the red one isn't sumac


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