Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pews and benches

More scenes of the 1860s church we first saw in yesterday's post.
Notre Dame de Sion monastery in Ein Kerem is a holy oasis of quiet and green in an already-quiet village.

Unusual modern stations of the cross, simple and artistic.

Reminders of Jewish roots.
The Sisters of Zion teach these things.

Some pews have nice fold-down kneelers.

And just outside in the garden, a bench circle.


Anonymous said...

Each church is different I guess. I always wondered why they didn't have recliners in church. Seems like people would be made to feel more welcome and the seat would be more comfortable than a hard wooden bench.

Hels said...

I love Ein Kerem, particularly for its lovely architecture and its cool, green surrounds. If I ever lived in Jerusalem, that is where it would be.

Pam said...

I like the simplicity of this church Dina. They are my kind of stations of the cross.

Leif Hagen said...

What a wonderful place to reflect, relax and pray! I love the simple pews inside!
Nice to catch up on your blog this morning

Suzanne said...

Ein Karem is one of my favorite places too. It is peaceful however I recently read that there is going to be a new hotel there, a fancy-schmancy one - oh dear!

VP said...

I have already posted five benches in a circle, now I can beat that with your help.
Strangely in Italian this is the real bench (or panca) while almost any other type is a panchina (literally a little panca).

Kay said...

This is really a beautiful and serene church.

JM said...

All those benches will make someone we know very happy! :-) Love the top shot.