Tuesday, June 29, 2010

X Legion

For ABC Wednesday meme participants, X is the most dreaded letter.
But let's take X not as a letter but as the Roman numeral.
If you say Roman and ten in the same sentence, most of us here in Israel will immediately think TENTH ROMAN LEGION, FRENTENSIS.

For several centuries the Roman Legion alternately built up or destroyed Jerusalem.
Please enlarge the photo of their reconstructed standards to see the inscription LEG X FR and their symbols, the eagle and the wild boar.
It is all part of the long history of Jerusalem as told in the excellent Tower of David Museum, in which I took the photos for this post.
(For more about our Roman history, you can click on my labels Tenth Legion, Romans, Roman kiln, Roman pavement, Roman theater.)


Roger Owen Green said...

Very informative - always learn something new here.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kay said...

This is very interesting, Dina. Thinking of Roman Legions, it reminded me of Masada and Peter O'Toole.

Anna said...

Very clever to think of the Roman numeral for ten! X!! And you keep to your blog's theme!
I'm impressed.
I have not been able to keep to my blog's main theme. But at least I found an X-word!
Best wishes,
Anna's X-words

Cheryl said...

I liked that image immensely. The dolphin in the middle was my favorite part of all.

Louis la Vache said...

Unique take on "X" - and another of your unique posts with such interesting historical context and content.

VP said...

I think X (ten) in this case is already considered an ordinal (tenth) and need no 'th'. You don't write Elizabeth IInd, pope Benedict XVIth or Rocky IIIrd. This works even better in favor of your choice for the letter X for today.

Grace and Bradley said...

Till you mention it, I did not think of X and "10". Interesting post.

Jay said...

Most interesting! I love the reconstructed standard!

Gattina said...

Very interesting ! today we use x for kiss
Gattina ABC Team

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Very clever take on X. If you ask most of us about the Xth Roman Legion, we'd go, "Huh?' Thanks for the education. Such a long, deep history your country has.

Reader Wil said...

The Romans left their traces everywhere in Europe, even in my country, but in Israel and other countries around the Mediterranean, there are the most traces to be found.
Very interesting, Dina.

JM said...

I never knew the portuguese name for that iron work in the second pic, but I find these just fantastic!