Sunday, June 27, 2010

A voice from heaven at the Jordan--in Pidgin English

Let's see more of Yardenit, the baptism site that we talked about in Saturday's post.

Click on the picture to witness Christians baptizing in the River Jordan.
But what are all those ceramic plaques on the wall?

More of them at the main entrance to Yardenit.
Can you read any of the three biblical languages here?
And the basalt pipe links were part of a 4th century aqueduct that carried water from the Yavniel springs down to Tiberias.
All the many plaques are quoting Mark 1:9-11, in many different languages.
The ceramic wall was designed and created by artist Hagop Antreassian from Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter.

My favorite has to be the one in Hawai'i Pidgin! It's so full of life and excitement!
There is even a website about Da Hawa'i Pidgin Bible.
Maybe our blogger friends in Hawai'i, Kay and Cloudia and the others, can tell us more.


Kay said...

Oh Wow! That is too, too wonderful! I love it. I remember seeing something on TV a while back about a Pidgin English Bible and how they were going phrase by phrase to do the translation. Amazing.

SFBakstad said...

Hello and Greetings from San Francisco! What a fascinating blog you have. It was great going through it and we look forward to following you!

Dina said...

Kay, cool! So there was no Pidgin Bible until this one? I really like how it "sounds." Wish I could actually hear it.

Welcome SFBakstad. One of you is from Hawaii, right? Glad you came over for this post, then. :)

Cloudia said...

What fun to see the familiar words in Israel! It brought a tear to my eye, dear Dina

Pidgin is wonderful. All the people that came to these islands could communicate by using words from all their languages, along with simple English, all to Hawaiian grammar!

Now, the missionaries put the (previously oral/unwritten) Hawaiian language into an English alphabet, and then printed the first Bibles in that newly written Hawaiian, but the Pidgin Bible is a 20th century thing.
Don't confuse Pidgin with the Hawaiian language.

It is the true mark of being "local" here in Hawaii and a cornerstone of local culture. I LOVE pidgin (you couldn't guess, eh :) and there is a Pidgin & Hawaiian glossary in my little Hawaii novel "Aloha Where You Like Go?" (at :)

Much of the book uses pidgin and shares it. Scholars call it "Hawaiian Creole English." And it it just one of the world's pidgin languages. In recent years a literature has even sprung up.

Stay Come! Learn more!

ShAloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

amaraentus said...

beautiful the way you weave this force of christianity through our spirits.
love and light.

amaraentus said...

at the risk of sounding the trumpet too heavily I would like to say

passez le maïs soufflé.

Suzanne said...

Nice post, I don't remember seeing the Pidgin English quote, thanks for sharing this.

Hilda said...

It must be awesome to be baptized in the Jordan.

Love the Hawaii Pidgin too! Must have quite a lot of Pidgin English variations around the world. And we're not even talking about the mixed English variations yet. We call ours Taglish.

Louis la Vache said...

The Pidgin verse reminds «Louis» of Clarence Jordan, a Southern Baptist New Testament scholar who wrote "The Cotton Patch" version of the New Testament. He placed New Testament events in the Southern American idiom. Jerusalem, for example, became Atlanta.

amaraentus said...

and that is really cool to see the pidgin english used in the bible.
It was wonderful to read Cloudia's explanation-wow what a romantic language.

to Claudia:Aloha Claudia thankyou.

I have heard of the bible being rapped but I haven't actually heard it being performed. It is great to have the bible brought to earth with various languages.I would like to do the mass in latin though as I was telling you-as it was when I was a kid.I will probably get around to it this summer. It would be pretty.

anyway shalom love and light and aloha.

Jew Wishes said...

These are wonderful captures! I like the one in Hawaii Pidgin best, also!

VP said...

A nice place, I remember it quite well. It was less 'polished' then... Love the pidgin sign and the bench!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Dina: Loved learning about a Pidgin Hawaiian Bible from your post. Loved the follow up from the Hawaiian bloggers. What a small world.

If you want to hear it and hear about Hawaiian pidgin, here is a You Tube Video:

Soon, somebody will be writing a book, "Everything I learned, I learned on You Tube."