Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ice skating in a tent in Jerusalem!

There, next to the date palm trees--can you guess what the blue machinery will be for?
I walked by Safra Square (Jerusalem Municipality) last Thursday and saw lots of activity.

They are building an ice rink in a tent!
And apparently the hoses will create air cold enough to freeze water.

A crane set down a container
and the men started transporting equipment into the long tent.

There are already two cages full of ice skates! In Jerusalem!
The rink will be open from tomorrow, March 10, until April 14.
Adults pay 40 shekels (about $11), kids up to age 16 pay 30 shekels (~ $8) for half an hour, skate rental included.
I read here that "The opening will feature a skating display and Israel’s Ice Hockey League is planning a night hockey tournament on 4 nights during the short season."
More info about the Snow Festival at a Hebrew website.
Just in time for opening day, real snow is predicted for Jerusalem tomorrow, something quite rare!
Let's hope it happens!
UPDATE: No snow.


Walk in New York said...

beau photo reportage

Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

Rayna Eliana said...

How amazingly wonderful!!!

ben wideman said...

Have you ever been to an Israel Baseball League game? I'd love to see pictures of that!

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Ice skating is such fun. We had a rink here at Christmas. The only downside is they always get so crowded :(

Isreview said...

"Just in time for opening day, real snow is predicted for Jerusalem tomorrow..."
How ironic that of all days it opens tomorrow :)

Leif Hagen said...

I think we pay $4 for adults and $3 for kids to skate in the indoor ice rink here in Eagan! The Eagan high school hockey team is in the state championships this week!

Dina said...

Walk in New York, shalom. So you have a weekly meme for bloggers to post about their strolls?

Rayna Eliana, I thought it was pretty amazing too!

Ben, no, I haven't kept up with the little bit of baseball that happens here in Israel. I'll try to find out about it.

Winchester DP, yes, fun. It has been 25 years since I was on the ice (in Chicago and Skokie).
I'm sure it will be too crowded for me here in Safra Square.

Daniela, really!

Leif, I like Eagen's prices a lot better. When I was a kid in Chicago our school would flood the playground in the winter and we could skate for free.

Cloudia said...

imagine that!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral



Anonymous said...

Probably decades since last I ice skated ... wishing you all possible fun and a good Thursday as well.

Kay said...

Wow! What a surprise! Can you skate, Dina? Are you going to try? :-)

Robin said...

When is the hockey on??? I want to take Itai!

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Jilly said...

Somebody is going to be having a lot of fun! We have rinks here at Christmas when the sun shines. Just a temporary thing too but outdoors, not under tents.

Kate said...

Ice hockey in Jerusalem is indeed another seventh wonder of the world! Since I hail from crazy hockey country, this is indeed interesting and a bit of a laugh, too. I'd love to see all the folks enjoying this sport!

VP said...

It was strange to have an ice rink here, but there!

diane b said...

But it doesn't look cold the guys have T shirts only. Have fun on the ice.

Dina said...

Cloudia, yes, I'm glad someone did imagine that, and pulled it off too.

Robert, decades for me too. Wouldn't it be fun to get all the blogger friends together for a skating party?

Kay, sure I can skate. Grew up in icy Chicago, no? And you remember the Skatium in Skokie? I'm hoping ice skating is a skill you never lose.
I want to see what it's like here in Safra Square before I venture onto the ice.

Robin, I didn't even know we had an Ice Hockey League. I'll email you.

Jilly, really, a tent ice rink seems like an oxymoron.

Kate, a 7th wonder--that's a good one! Quite true.

VP, maybe Jerusalem has adopted the Roman idea of bread and circuses?

Diane, yes, it was over 20 degree C that day. Today it is down to 4 C, but the snow did not come.

Elisabeth said...

Pleased to meet you Dina. I see you have a daughter living in Australia, my home. These are amazing photos. How interesting to see these views of Jerusalem. Until now I could only imagine the city. Thank you.