Tuesday, March 29, 2011


K is for the Kaaba on today's ABC Wednesday.
. A photo of the Kaaba in Mecca at Jerusalem's Museum of Islamic Art.
(And nice benches too.)
I was surprised to be walking in Herod's Gate (the Flower Gate) and suddenly see a door open on a little storage space filled with an Old City grocer's produce, with a picture of the Kaaba surrounded by Muslim pilgrims.
If you see a picture of the Kaaba on a Jerusalem door, it probably means that the resident is a hajji, one who has made the hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca).
I'd be happy if one of you could tell me what the Arabic says in this photo.


Kay said...

Can you imagine the feeling of being there in Mecca with all the faithful around you? It must be awesome.

Roger Owen Green said...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Ms. Burrito said...

Beautiful K!

Have a little tour of Korea, come by and see.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to learn about other cultures! Hope someone is able to assist you with your sign translation!

RuneE said...

I can't help you (but wish I could) That pilgrimage must be an awesome spiritual experience for the participants.

VP said...

A Holy Place in another Holy place...

DawnTreader said...

Really illustrates the mix of cultures in that ancient city.

Meryl said...

What a nice way of integrating "K" and 'kultures'. Beautiful photos.

chubskulit said...

Beautiful take on K!

Want some more K? Come and have some Kisses from my webpage.

Rayna Eliana said...

Nice photos...and quite the cultural diversity.

Suzanne said...

Sorry Dina...I can't help you with the Arabic. I tried. (-8

Mah salami.

Eki said...

Thanks for the answer to my question, Dina.

Now this post is fascinating. How big is the museum? And who owns it and funds the maintenance?

Dina said...

Eki, please see the website

and also click on my tag "Islamic Art Museum" for more posts.

The museum is two storeys, with many different rooms for the various periods of Islamic art.
It started in 1974 when the late Mrs. Vera Bryce Salomons donated her private collection.
The museum is located in a nice Jewish neighborhood, near the big Jerusalem Theater.
I'm not sure how it is funded. The admission fee is quite high.
I will have to post more photos about it. I took them before I saw the Photography prohibited sign.