Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lights out! Earth Hour tonight in Israel

Lights out!
Tonight Israel takes part in Earth Hour.
And for the sky-watchers at SkyWatch Friday here is a full moon rising over Jerusalem (on the horizon) as seen through my neighbors' gate lamp globe.
Israel is doing the lights out thing tonight instead of on Saturday night like the rest of the world's 6,000 participating places.
Flipping electric switches (which is considered work) would be complicated for Jews who strictly observe the Sabbath, which ends sometime Saturday night.
Twenty cities will be powering down tonight in this order:
20:00 – Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Yerucham, Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut
20:10 – Jerusalem, Dimona
20:20 – Petach Tikva, Nes Tsiona, Ra’anana
20:30 – Netanya, Rehovot, Arad, Eilat, Yavne
20:40 – Ashdod, Givataim, Herzlia, Bat Yam
20:50 – Holon, Haifa, Yokneam
Life and Environment, (Israel's umbrella organization for environmental NGOs), will announce its Green Globe awards today in recognition of outstanding contributions to the environment as well as its annual Black Globe for damage done by an individual or entity to the environment.
I just hope we can see a lot more stars for even one hour without all the light pollution.
Good night!


Rayna Eliana said...

I love the creativity in the photo.

Francisca said...

Heh... at first I thought you'd made a mistake with the date for Earth Hour... but now I get it. Interesting, Dina. Hope you get to see the stars.

This is Belgium said...

shalom Dina, thanks for your comment, great picutre, enjoy the stars !

D said...

Cleaver photo!


DawnTreader said...

That's a wonderful photo! I wish you a Good Night!

Reader Wil said...

So we are all stargazing!! Good night!

Muhammad Hafifi said...

Peace 4 Libyan From American Army..
From Malaysia

Pietro said...

Nice picture!
In Italy we heave Earth Hour on 26th March, Saturday, at 20.30.

Leif Hagen said...

I've got to watch the news more - I didn't know about "Earth Hour!"
Good night - sweet, star dreams, Dina

Mrs.D said...

nice! this is very interesting...:0 Hope you can check out my Skywatch Friday entry as well. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Probably brighter than any human made light can ever be. Great picture !
Please have a good Friday you all.

daily athens

Nadege said...

I have never heard of "green and black globe awards". It is a great idea. Is it only for Israel or worldwide?
Sorry I don't comment very often as I have been busy working but I still love your blog Dina.

Cloudia said...

Glad you are OK my brave sister!

Aloha to you
from Waikiki!

Comfort Spiral



Petrea said...

I love your photo.

This is the first I've heard of Earth Hour this year. In the past Pasadena's made a big deal of it; maybe we're not celebrating this year. I've heard nothing.

crederae said...

hello beautiful Dina, this is a haunting image, metaphorically speaking.
shalom love and light

Kay said...

Gee, nobody has mentioned Earth Hour in Hawaii. We did this last year. I wonder if they'll be advertising this soon. It's a great idea.

Kay said...

I just looked it up. Earth Hour is March 26th Saturday. I don't think anybody knows about it though. said...

WHEN I read your blog, I miss Israel!and I think I want go back there before my new life.
have a nice day and congrats

VP said...

Like the photo, a bit less the new fad...

Míriam Luiza said...

Muito linda e criativa sua foto! Gostaria de conhecer de perto Jerusalém. Aqui no seu blog me senti aí, lendo suas postagens sobre sua cidade. Lindas fotos e lindos textos!

Melusine said...

It's nice you take part in Earth Hour, here in Norway we also participated :)

Your picture for the occasion is perfect!