Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Irish conquer Jaffa Gate

I would say that, except for a few drinking green beer in the pubs today, the majority of people in Israel do not know or care about St. Patrick or his day.

So what is an Israeli blogger to do?
You must be tired of seeing the same totally bright green house posted every March 17.
So imagine my surprised delight this afternoon when I walked into the Old City's Jaffa Gate and heard this group playing a lively Irish jig!
Never have I seen buskers within the gate.
Not sure the locals realized the connection: Irish music and March 17.
But for me the music, remembered from my youth in Chicago, made me feel like dancing a jig.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


VP said...

This is something strange and fun at the same time. Happy St Patrick's Day to them!

Lucy Corrander said...

You say you have never seen buskers within the gate before. Does this mean people might have minded them being there? It looks a wonderful place to play music and listen to it. Wonderful place full stop for that matter!


Anonymous said...

You live at a wonderful place indeed.

Please have a good Friday.

daily athens

Leif Hagen said...

I bet they were a fun group to hear! A delightful surprise!

Kay said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, Dina! You must be missing seeing the Chicago River dyed green. I was never a fan of putting more chemicals into the water, but what the heck! We had our corned beef and cabbage tonight.

Dina said...

Lucy, I'm not sure why I said that, but like VP says, it just seems strange. Like maybe the Jaffa Gate is too old and venerable to be a venue for music. There has been lots of music outside the gate, though.

Robert, a wonderful place, yes.

Leif, yes, fun and unusual.

Kay, I never actually saw the river green, although I remember the drink Green River.
Corned beef, yum. I used to make it in the Crockpot. Why does Israel not sell corned beef??

Rob and Mandy said...

Erinn go bragh!

Petrea said...

I get the impression from many of your posts that Jerusalem is filled to overflowing with artists of all kinds. How wonderful.

crederae said...

Hello beautiful Dina, wishing you the luck of the irish!
I am french italian german and irish and I celebrate all four nationalities. I guess it doesn't matter what I am if I don't celebrate in some way!
I grew up on my father's irish lullabys.

I love seeing pictures of the old wall and Jaffa gate.
Oh and you know how interested I am in buskers.

If buskers don't require a license I'll hop a plane to Jaffa gate, kidding but the dream is always a bit revealing.

Where did this irish group come from then?

Anonymous said...

The band are volunteers who live and teach in Nablus, Palestine. Many of the volunteers are social and cultural activists who are against the occupation and apartheid which Israel upholds at the expense of millions of innocent civilions whose only crime was being born on 'holy land'.

End the Occupation. Stop the Apartheid.

katney said...

I happened to see your St. Patrick label in the sidebar and, with St. Patrick's Day coming up soon, decided to click. What fun and how incongruous this must have been.