Friday, January 20, 2012

Hot sahlab / salep at the shuk

Get your hot sachlab, only eight shekels!
Or-- just feast your eyes on the beautiful old-style hot-pot container for free.

Also in shuk Machane Yehuda market was this sleek modern container of sachlab.
But here they added the English sign "Hot salep."
Salep is the original Turkish name of the hot sweet porridge or beverage that has been loved in the lands of the Ottoman Turkish Empire for centuries.
In what is now Israel, it became known by its Arabic name, sachlab.

The salep flour is made by grinding the dried tubers of a certain type of orchid; and indeed, sachlab or sachlav means orchid in both Arabic and Hebrew.
For four servings you'll need
4 cups milk
4 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon salep powder
1 tablespoon rosewater
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Now click over to the beautiful Turquoise Diaries and see how inviting hot salep looks in the cups of my favorite Turkish blogger.


Rob Siemann said...

8 NIS!!! My God! Well ok, it's very nice, but still...

RuneE said...

It reads extremely tasteful - only, Blogger won't show it to me :-(

Robert Geiss said...

I love it. They are sold over here as well. Nevertheless, enjoy it mostly at home, while playing with my son.

A good weekend for you.

Kathy said...

I love the contrast between the old and the new! I'm so glad to see you back up and posting....I missed you, your blog is a favorite part of my morning routine. Blessings to you, and a peaceful Shabbat.

Birdman said...

What people enjoy eating across amazing at times. Love that pot. Closeup?

Dina said...

Rob, well, at the second basta they charge 10 shekels. Nothing is cheap any more in Israel.

Rune, oi, what does Google have against me lately? Sorry. Maybe tomorrow the photo will open for you?

Robert, Greece too? Yep, that Ottoman Empire was very big.

Kathy, aww, thanks much.

Birdman, close up of the pot you want? If you click on the photo and then click on what opens up, it should get pretty much enlarged. Does it work for you?

Rachel said...

Rosewater! How exotic and wonderful sounding! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I love finding out these sorts of things! And those pots are beautiful!

VP said...

Not really my thing, but the hot-pot is a masterpiece!

Robin said...

Yum! I just spent a lot more than that for a sachlab today, but it was in a cup easily twice the size of those and was utterly delicious. The perfect way to warm up after a cold and wet and unbelievably muddy nature walk around Nachal Alexander :). Ooh, and we saw sea turtles and nutria too!

crystal said...

Oh, I've never heard of that drink before. The description sounds yummy! You'd think orchids were poisonous but obviously not. Nice contrast between the two dispensers.

Kay said...

I never heard of this when we were in Turkey. It sounds very intriguing.

mirae said...

ah rich in nutrients and tradition. thankyou beautiful Dina.