Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby pine trees!

Continuing the previous post, here is what I found when exploring the burned down and chopped down forest next to my village in the Jerusalem Hills.

A sweet little pine shining in the day's last rays of sunlight.

Hundreds of baby pine trees have sprouted around each parent stump!
Enlarge the photo to better see the cuties.

But surely the Keren Kayemet foresters will have to thin them out, no?
That will be a Sisyphean task.
I hope they start before the little ones get too big.

So many pine cones gave so many seeds.
Fire is actually nature's way of releasing the seeds and propagating many more pines.

As I hiked out of the wadi, the moon was rising over the bare hills and of course it got snapped for SkyWatch Friday.

Someday, after a few decades of new growth of trees and vegetation, this may be a historic photo.
Meanwhile, Catholics in Israel celebrated Epiphany today while the Armenians marked the feast day of St. James the Minor.
And tonight the Orthodox, Coptic, Syrian, and Ethiopian Christians celebrate Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, while we Jews welcome the Sabbath Eve.

Something for everyone!
Blessings to all.


Anonymous said...

And the moon shines for everyone.

Great picture indeed. Please have a bright start into the weekend.

(Thank you for conformation, hence, it will be 42&43.)

Sara said...

Only in Jerusalem - all those celebrations for this one day/eve! I do love that last photo with the moon and the hillside. Shabbat Shalom Dina.

Anonymous said...

So many ways to celebrate God!

I always like how pines reseed themselves after a fire...beautiful little seedlings indeed!

Perhaps you will keep us up to date on how the barren hills are regrowing their trees and shrubs!

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the little pine tree, Dina, and it's true a forest fire allows the forest to replenish itself a hundredfold, but it's still difficult, emotionally, to remember that when a blaze is happening.
Your SkyWatch picture is lovely!

Hels said...

As I know nothing at all about pine trees, I have to ask why foresters will have to thin them out. Do they grow too close together, if they are not thinned out? Or is there not enough water for more trees?

Eki said...

What a metaphor of life
The moon over the horizon is beautiful. :)

Petrea Burchard said...

Hooray for the new growth and all that blessed diversity.

Shoshana said...

That last picture is awesome, although a bit strange too coz there's not much trees at all. It must be spectacular to walk around there...nothing to hamper your view.

crystal said...

Nice photos! I especially liked the pine cones - so many.

VP said...

It is always good to see so many trees around.

Kay said...

It's nice to know your forest is being reborn... just like your blog.