Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jerusalem's Holland Square

Our Prime Minister Netanyahu is paying a state visit to The Netherlands today and tomorrow.

Jerusalem has a Holland Square.
According to photographs in a Harvard archive it was built in the mid 1970s.

A lot--almost everything--has changed since then, and the big tree is probably the only original survivor of how Holland Square used to be.
Many lanes have been added to the once-narrow Herzl Boulevard.
Parallel to the street, the light rail was just last year completed.

The Calder stabile, installed in the old Holland Square in 1977, had to be dismantled and moved while underground parking for the tram was being built.
Now it is back in place, again with a panoramic view of the Jerusalem Hills, but now sharing the top of Mt. Herzl with the final station of the tram.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic view in the 2nd photo! Love the old tree in the first, standing tall amid the changes!

Reader Wil said...

So you have a square named after my country! The Calder stabile is very interesting. I saw the other photos too. I try to collect photos from Jerusalem for my own photo album. I hope you don't mind!
I read the article about your PM. He also spoke in a Portuguese synagoge in Amsterdam. I wish him and Abbas all the wisdom and respect they need. Not an easy job! I hope we can find peace!.

VP said...

Very essential benches, I can imagine the view...

Kay said...

I expected at least a windmill somewhere in that square.

Dina said...

Kay, Jerusalem does have two old windmills but not in Holland Square.

My Dutch friend sees the Calder statue as an upside down tulip. Maybe that could count as something Dutch. :)