Friday, August 10, 2012

Celebration for a kids' Torah

Never have I seen chairs set up at the Western Wall Plaza.
But on Wednesday there were THOUSANDS of them!
Little plastic "handcuffs" tied the chairs together and ensured orderly rows.

The sign at the stage revealed the reason: in a few hours the writing of a children's Torah scroll would be completed and dedicated, all with much joy and fanfare.

Apparently Chabad has a program in which a child, or an infant's parents, can pay one dollar and have one letter of a Torah written for him or her.

I learn in this article about Wednesday's event that
Three decades ago on his birthday, the Rebbe spoke of the special power children have to make the world a better place. All over the globe, their “very breath free of sin,” could fuel a dramatic demonstration of unity that could change the planet. In order to accomplish this, he urged that every Jewish child possess a letter in a Torah scroll written specifically for them. All it would cost is the symbolic amount of one dollar, ideally coming from the child’s own funds or sponsored by parents and family members. Each letter would link Jewish children the world over to the foundation of their heritage.
To read all about it, please see

Shabbat shalom.


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How positive & wonderful-

Shabbat shalom

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Anonymous said...

How moving !

Wonderful where alike is possible and happening.

Rob Mandy said...

How a very unusual sight!

cieldequimper said...

That's marvellous!

VP said...

An unusual view indeed!

luluberoo said...

Sweet and positive.

Maybe you can post pictures of the filled seats!

Birdman said...

Certainly an uplifting idea.

Dina said...

Luluberoo, unfortunately I could not stay for the celebration. This month I am guiding two visiting American friends on their first trip to Israel, and we had to be somewhere else in the Old City.