Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Feast at the Church of the Transfiguration

Wednesday's festive Mass for the Feast of the Transfiguration was broadcast live as streaming video.

Hundreds ascended to the top of Mount Tabor, believed to be the place of Jesus' transfiguration, and packed the beautiful Franciscan basilica.

Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custodian of the Holy Land, and many other priests conducted Mass in the upper part of the church.
Enlarge the first photo to appreciate the splendid golden mosaic.

Cameras of the Franciscan Media Center were grinding away (including one on a huge long boom).

The view of the Jezreel Valley from the top of Mt. Tabor, the lone rounded mountain, was splendid.
Someone really picked a good place for the transfiguration.
UPDATE: The Franciscan have put up a nice video about the mountain and their church there. 


spacedlaw said...

Gorgeous place!

VP said...

Your last phrase is really great!

Birdman said...

What a beautiful church, so golden. Thanks for hint about seeing the mosaic closer.

crystal said...

Nice photos! I didn't notice the palm trees in the mosaics (or paintings) on the walls before. The Jezreel valley looks like it could be in California :)

Hels said...

The entire apsidal dome looks amazing. How old is it?

Ann said...

Beautiful church and a lovely view to go with it.

Dina said...

Helen, the church was consecrated in 1924. Designed, on the earlier foundations, by the famous Antonio Barluzzi.
See more in my link.

Karl Demetz said...

Beautiful church and beautiful documentation, Dina!