Thursday, August 23, 2012

"The Honest Toddler" blog--take a look!

My dear daughter contemplating the wonders of fetal growth at Jerusalem's Nature Museum.
I was reminded of this picture by today's post, "The Womb," written by The Honest Toddler.
It is a very different kind of blog that I just recently discovered.
Take a look, have some laughs (but not only)!


VP said...

Call me insensitive, but I am not fascinated at all by this... But the display is interesting and very well done.

Anonymous said...

Timeless circle of life.

Please have a good Friday.

Reader Wil said...

Shabbat shalom, Dina. I went to the Honest Toddler, and found it very original and amusing too. We always wonder what a baby feels and hears coming in this new world. Their eyes are always full of wonder. I had a chance to watch my granddaughter of six months. She is learning fast. When she cries there is always somebody to pick her up, feed her or change her nappy or just play with her, sing for her ...She is never alone. Lovely to see! Have a great day and sabbat!

Kay said...

I've seen these before and it's really amazing to see.