Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two days of fires

Fire was burning in the forest that surrounds my village yesterday afternoon and again today.
This evening these two tired and brave firefighters were trying to stop one spot of smoldering.
They had to pull themselves up the steep slope with a pickax.

In the end they dumped all their remaining water onto the hot spot.
You can see some fire trucks on the old Roman road, up high.
There is no way they can get closer to the fire way below.
The little flame retardant-dropping planes can't get very low here either.

All my favorite hiking trails from the spring up into the wadi are now black, brown, and white with ash.
But thank God, our village was saved and no one was injured.
The fire was stopped at the outermost street of the moshav.
Let us pray there is no flare-up during the night.
My evacuation backpack is ready, just in case.


Robert Geiss said...

What an adventure. Over here, things so far are rather peaceful this summer. Glad, that everyone was, and hopefully will remain, safe.

Sara said...

That must have been rather frightening, Dina. Thank God, and the firemen, it was halted at the limit of the moshav! The stamina of fireman amazes me...fires often seem to occur on the hottest, driest of days and they have all that equipment and protective clothing...I can only imagine how difficult it must be to work in those conditions. I'm glad all is well and pray there will be no flare ups.

cloudia charters said...

May God protect your village- and YOU, Dina!

Comfort Spiral

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Hels said...

There are few natural disasters more common or more scary in Australia than bushfires. I hope that after the last bushfire disaster in Israel, you have the prevention/response/recovery plans in place, ready to go. Be safe.

cieldequimper said...

Sad. Hope everything is okay now and that no new fires will start.

Adullamite said...

Hope all is under control now.

crystal said...

Scary! Too bad to lose the surrounding trees but thankfully the village is ok.

Reader Wil said...

Oh Dina, what an ordeal! Thanks to God that he saved your moshav. Was it near the strawbale lodge? How scary and terrible. I hope that you will be spared further fires.

RuneE said...

That kind of fire is frightening indeed - glad you escaped!

PS No benches to be had :-)

Birdman said...

Our West has again been racked by destructive blazes this HOT summer.

Virginia said...

That must have been so frightening. I'm glad you are all safe and hope that soon the forest will grow again.

VP said...

I hope you will never need to use your evacuation backpack

Spiderdama said...

I hope everything is okay now and I hope you get some rainy days.
Impressive job of the firefighters!

Pat said...

I am so glad that your village was saved from the fire. My hubby and I live in a forested, brushy fire-prone area in the foothills of eastern California (in northern California), so firefighters are our heroes.