Sunday, August 19, 2012

Precious little Ethiopian girl

The Ethiopian Orthodox Christians were at Sunday worship when we passed their church on Prophets Street early this Sunday morning, and this pretty little girl gave us a big smile.
Click and enlarge the photo to see the smile in her eyes too!
(Click once and then once again on the picture that opens.)

The sound of singing from inside the round church could be heard at the gate, but many were standing outside.
Too hot inside maybe?
Jerusalem has been having weather in the 30s C all summer.
More about this nice church and monastery is under my label "Ethiopian Church."


cloudia charters said...

You show Jerusalem SO well!

ShAloha from Honolulu
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Pat said...

Oh, that little girl is so precious!

crystal said...

What a pretty dress the little girl is wearing :) Do most of the older churches not have air conditioning?

Robert Geiss said...

The second picture is very moving.

Please have a wonderful new week ahead.

Dina said...

Crystal, I don't know of any Jerusalem churches, old or new, that have air conditioning. I wonder how the priests don't faint from the heat, wearing all those vestments.

Rob Mandy said...

She's very pretty!

Kay said...

She is definitely a cutie and will grow to be a beautiful woman.

Petrea Burchard said...

The clothing in both photos is so hyper-traditional. Not something I would see in Pasadena, that's for sure.

Reader Wil said...

Shalom Dina! Yes my post this week looks familiar! Thanks once more for taking me there.
The little girl is one of the daughters of the Queen of Sheba!A beautiful little princess.
So you have 30 C! Well we beat you now with our 35 C in some places even 37C! But now almost everybody stays at home.

Spiderdama said...

Touching picture nr 2..
And the girl is very sweet!

Wish you a happy week Dina:-)

VP said...

The Ethiopian girl is lovely and you caught her in a very nice pose.