Monday, March 18, 2013

45 years (!) since my aliyah


Israel is much in my thoughts today.
First, because I just  watched the televised  swearing-in ceremony of our new government at the Knesset.
The elections were on January 22 and it took this long for Prime Minister Netanyahu to form a coalition.
Many changes and new faces. 

Secondly, today is my Aliyah  anniversary.
Exactly 45 years ago my good ship Enotria docked in Haifa and I set foot in Israel for the first time.
I was a new immigrant, olah chadasha!
If you're interested, previous posts about how I left America and made the journey are here and here.
And you can see my Italian ship, built in Livorno!
P.S.  If you are wondering about the Aliyah Caravan van in my photo, I think it has something to do with a Jewish Agency program for "bringing Israel to Russian Jews living in Germany," similar to a "Zionist Caravan" that drove through Italy.
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Gary said...

Happy anniversary!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Dr M said...

Welcome home, again! “In order that you will increase your days and the days of your children on this land that Hashem promised to your forefathers like the days of heaven on this earth.”

Anonymous said...

What a moving entry.

Fran said...

What a good life you have made! Mazel tov!

Mary Gerdt said...

Thank you for your history lesson. I made a similar pilgrimage from Illinois to Vermont at 22. So brave then. Love your story! Have a great week. Mary

crystal said...

Happy anniversary!

It took me a while of visiting your blog to realize you had lived in America and that I didn't have to "explain" American stuff to you ;)

So brave to move to another country all by yourself. Can you say what it was that moved you to do that?

Petrea Burchard said...

I'm happy for you, Dina!

Mark said...

Happy Anniversary.
Dina have I ever told you that i'm a history teacher. One unit I teach to my 17 year olds is Palestine under the British Mandate so I knew what the word aliyah meant.

islandwonder said...

You have led a brave life.

VP said...

A great anniversary, Dina. I am glad thata ship built in Livorno had her part in this. About the van, it is always funny to see Ivrit words spelled in Cyrillic...

Fun60 said...

Happy anniversary. It is always interesting to read your blog and find out about a country I have never visited.

Suzanne said...

So lovely and heart warming to hear of your aliyah. Congratulations dear friend.

Sara said...

Shalom Dina. I was interested to read your story of aliya, thanks for those links. Happy Anniversary to you.

Rob Siemann said...

Happy anniversary! I often came to Israel, from Pireaus, when there was still a ferry, via Rhodos and Limassol.
Anyway, I hope it has been 45 good years for you!

Kay said...

Happy Anniversary, Dina! Israel is lucky to have you. Your blog really brings Jerusalem for all of us to enjoy and learn from.