Friday, March 8, 2013



Libby, in a Dead Sea hotel kids playroom, stretching to find herself   [in the mirror, for Weekend Reflections].

Libby's mother, my daughter, also had to be "on her toes" and to stretch herself to accomplish many many things.
Things like serving in the Israel Defense Forces,  earning a BSc (Honors)  in mechanical engineering and a PhD in biomedical engineering, like doing good post-doc research and now,  teaching aerospace engineering at UNSW in Sydney, Australia.
Oh and did I mention Naomi learned  how to fly?  And play the violin and make art. And cook.  And much more.
All while being a dedicated wife and the mother of three young and wonderful children.

To Naomi and all the women who work hard to accomplish much, to give much to their family and/or  to the world, I smile and bow in admiration.
Happy International Women's Day! 


Spiderdama said...

Happy Women's Day Dina:-) Great picture and reflection!

crystal said...

Your daughter is so accomplished! Happy Int. Women's Day :)

Anonymous said...

Dina, you are rightfully proud of such a wonderful daughter. she sounds like a true achiever. happy iwd to you. shalom Fran

Hels said...

Kol hakavod! Some young women are both ambitious and clever. Your daughter achieved what lots of women dream about ...not so easy with three small children. I am full of admiration.

Kay said...

We saw this in Naomi from the time she was in kindergarten, didn't we? What an incredible woman!!! What incredible women you both are!

'Tsuki said...

Your daughter is an accomplished woman... I hope that defending her country won't make an orphan of this adorable little girl : it is a dangerous job. But it is a necessary one, and I hope that Israel will stand for centuries and millenium.

Audrey said...

Superbe photo ;o)

Hilda said...

Wow, your daughter is absolutely amazing! I guess she takes after her mother. And this is a such a sweet and charming photo of your granddaughter.

Happy International Women's Day!

VP said...

A very, very nice picture!