Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sowing light and joy

For PsalmChallenge, hosted by Robert Geiss in Athens, here is


1. It is the LORD Who is king! Let the earth be glad, let the many distant lands rejoice.
2. Cloud and storm cloud round about Him, righteousness and judgment are the foundation of His throne.
3. Fire goes before Him, burning His foes round about.

4. His lightning bolts have lit up the world; the earth saw it and trembled;
5. mountains melting like wax in facing the LORD, in facing the Lord of all the earth.
6. The heavens have proclaimed His righteousness and all the peoples have seen His glory.

7. Let all who worship graven images, who boast of their idols, be dismayed; all you gods, prostrate yourselves to Him.
8. Zion heard and rejoiced; the towns of Judah were glad because of Your judgments, O LORD.
9. For You, O LORD, are Most High, above all the earth; You have taken the highest place, above all gods.

10. Lovers of the LORD, hate evil! He is the guardian of the lives of His devoted ones; from the hand of the wicked He saves them.
11. Light is sown for the righteous and for those who are upright of heart, joy.
12. Rejoice, O righteous ones, in the LORD and give thanks to His holy name. 
Translation by Rabbi Benjamin J. Segal.  See also his commentary. 
Melting candles on a hot day in a grotto where many pilgrims and tourists come to pray.
"The god Nanauatzin" by Yifah Adir,  Mamilla mall exhibition.
An illuminated date palm tree near the Old City wall.


Sara said...

'Light is sown for the righteous and for those who are upright of heart, joy' is one of my most favorite lines in all the Psalms from the very first time I read them. Your illuminated palm tree is like another phrase, maybe from Isaiah, not sure, about the righteous being like a tree planted by the water . . . the perfect illustration!

Gerry Snape said...

love that quote as well Sara...think it's psalm 1. lovely psalm altogether.

VP said...

I have seen candles like those only in Orthodox churches...

Robert Geiss said...

Excuse the late arrival, yet have been away.

Love the candle picture, as it makes one feel the thoughts put into its lightening.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and participation. Please have a good Tuesday ahead.