Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam!


Ha! Just yesterday I blogged about Franciscans and tonight we have a new Pope who has chosen the name Francis!
Francis of Assisi, after all these centuries, would be pleased.
Poetic justice, I'd say.
And Pope Francesco is a Jesuit!!
Just look at the coat of arms of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
His motto means  "Pitiable but chosen"  or some translate "By having mercy, choosing."

He seems to be a friendly and humble man.
It think we're going to like him!

Mazal tov, Holy Father!  May God guide you in your new life.


  1. He has a warm smile and thank you for introducing him and some history. Have a wonderful week. Mary

  2. Yes, I do agree, he seems to be a good man. A second John Paul the 1st? We'll see.

  3. Jepp, he looks like a good man and I like the name:-)

  4. I think your post on the Franciscans is what turned the Cardinals to select this pope. Well done you :) I wish Pope Francis I a long and peaceful reign, full of reform.

  5. I just hope he puts some order in the Vatican. I read he expelled Cardinal Bernard Law yesterday. He was the former Archbishop of Boston who was forced to resign due to the 297 cases of pedophilia in the US Catholic Church he has hidden for years. My question is: how can such a criminal have lived like a lord in the Vatican until yesterday??? It seems the Vatican is the place where they all go instead of being behind bars. Actually, there's a Portuguese bishop who moved there right after being accused of sexual abuse in Portugal. The new Pope has a lot of work to do if he really wants to put things right and give some credibility to the his church. I hope he doesn't give up so the powerful Vatican lobbies will not win.

  6. I agree with you. I just hope he will change his mind about the role of women in the church, gay rights, celibacy, etc.


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