Thursday, June 13, 2013

Formula One. In Jerusalem.

Today  Jerusalem was treated to (or subjected to) the Jerusalem Formula  The Peace Road Show.
It will continue tomorrow, the whizzing sound of Formula One cars and big motorcycles on our main streets near the Old City.
70,000 people came to line the streets or sit in the specially erected grandstands.
It was not a race, thankfully.

See some video and photos and more information at

This is not something that would draw me into Jerusalem, this Formula 1 spectacle.

The closest I got to the event is shown in this photo from last Monday, on my way to Jaffa Gate for the Light Festival.
A stand at the foot of the Old City wall was being set up to sell Ferrari and Jerusalem Peace Road Show memorabilia.

Mayor Nir Barkat stated that the total cost of the Formula 1 events reached around 15 million shekels ($4.15 million) and that most of the funding came from sponsors.


crystal said...

Interesting! I'm not so much a fan of car races. I went to one here and couldn't believe how loud it was - all those drivers must be nearly deaf ;)

VP said...

I hope your mayor is telling the truth about the sponsors...

Suzanne said...

Wouldn't draw me to Jerusalem either.