Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pardon, your roots are showing

More from this week's Festival of Light in the Old City --

The row of palm trees had taken root.
This is along HaTsanhanim St., between Damascus Gate and the New Gate.
Click to enlarge the photo and you will find the silvery tram passing by, approaching Damascus Gate station.

Looking in the opposite direction you see the wall enclosing the  Old City.
This installation is called Luminaissance, a "Student Effort" project by French students from the Ecole de Conde, Lyon.
See more about the work here.


Nadege said...

It is beautiful!

Maggie Ann said...

It is rather wonderful to see this and be so far away!

richies said...

Very cool
An Arkies Musings

Hilda said...

Very nice!

VP said...

I hope the brains of those students survived the effort...

Marleen said...

You managed to capture the light very well, both photo's are beautiful.

Kay said...

I really like this idea. Beautiful!

Spiderdama said...

Very beautiful and special!