Friday, June 21, 2013

The sun behind the towers

The longest day!
Happy June solstice.

These mid-month days our City Daily Photo bloggers are having a Festival of the Solstice.
The photo here combines four of the five classical elements:

AIR - The very air vibrates from the frequent chiming in the bell tower of  Dormition Abbey and the five-times-per-day call to prayer of a muezzin atop the mosque's minaret.
EARTH - Below the roof with the minaret is King David's tomb, well grounded on holy land.

WATER - Even farther below, ancient subterranean cisterns capture and keep the rain that falls on Jerusalem's Old City.
SPIRIT - The Spirit mingles with the past and present inhabitants of Jerusalem--Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Fire we don't need;  Jerusalem has been burned to the ground too many times already.
FIRE - As RuneE in Norway just now reminded me, we DO have fire in the photo.
How could I forget that the sun behind the minaret is a big ball of fire!
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paul said...

Great image, and very thoughtful writing. Have a good weekend.

Jim said...

Great theme day post.

Mary Gerdt said...

Happy Solstice! Love your history lesson and seeing David's tomb. The elements too, we do need them all. Have a great day.Mary

Indrani said...

That is wonderful shot, I like the description you give.

Hilda said...

Just love how you incorporated all the elements in this post. Beautiful photo of the towers too.

cieldequimper said...

Beautiful shot. Happy summer!

The longest day here will be grey and therefore short(er). Again! :-)

Hels said...

The towers are stark in the skyline.. no high rise buildings to make them disappear and clear sky to give them a great backdrop.

RuneE said...

I a way you have fire - hidden behind the left tower :-)

Have nice summer!

Dina said...

RuneE, oh, you are right! I forgot the sun is one big fireball.

RuneE said...

I just HAD to go back and enjoy that comment :-)

richies said...

Great photo for the start of summer
An Arkies Musings

VP said...

Theme days are getting really too complicated, but you managed this one quite well...

Spiderdama said...

Beautiful! Jepp, it is fire in the sky behind this tower:-)
As tratisjon Midsummer's Eve we burn old planks here.

Glad midtsommeraften!

Jerez Sherry said...

I do love this photo of your ancient land. And the theme is interesting and has come up today before now. Of elements.
Just appreciate your blog so much!

JM said...

Great shot, Dina! Love it.

I think you might find this article interesting:

Karl Demetz said...

Great choice for this theme, Dina!

P.S. Many thanks for 250 nice comments on BDP.