Friday, June 7, 2013

Naturally sweet


After all these years of blogging about sugar cane in Israel, I finally decided to taste it!
Here's the man pouring my freshly pressed sugar cane juice.
The juice store  is in the covered part of the open air Mahane Yehuda market. 

Ten shekels for a small glassful.
That means this bundle is worth hundreds.

The stiff cane gets a good strong squeezing.

Here's what was left.
This is the length of a cane that  it took to extract  my small glass of juice.
Very sweet.


Suzanne said...

Did you like it? What did it taste like?

Cloudia said...

Hawaii doesn't worship King Sugar anymore! But it still raises emotion to see the cane. Are there cane fires for harvest?

ALOHA from Honolulu
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cieldequimper said...

I would imagine it is very sweet. Did you like it?

Dina said...

Hi girlfriends, yeah, it was just really sweet but not sickeningly sweet. Tasting it was a thing I'd do once in a lifetime. Glad I did.
Cloudia, "cane fires for harvest"--this is a foreign language to me. Huh?

VP said...

I have never tasted it, but I would like to see the machine at work!

Spiderdama said...

I have never tasted that and I think I will not try it:-) But I hope you liked it.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I wonder what they do with the cane afterwards. it looks fibrous - worthy of a second life

Hilda said...

Tried it once a few years ago and decided that I prefer chewing on the stalks. :)

JM said...

I love this! Never miss it when I'm travelling (we don't have it here).

Unknown said...

Wow, that really is not much for a small glass of sugar juice? Or is it cane syrup? I'd like to try it!