Saturday, July 26, 2014

Better than nothing


When people realized that our local supermarket had no protected space inside, the authorities trucked in a portable shelter.

It is a sad commentary on the situation in my town and in the south that we need such a migunit that can withstand enemy rocket fire. 

There is a ring of small shops  in our town's little commercial center 
Next time the Red Alert siren blares I reckon a lot of people will be running (we have 90 seconds here) to take shelter in the small concrete box.
It is going to be really crowded standing in there for the mandatory ten minutes after the explosion.

I think I'll just continue staying home,  with the luxury of a real bomb shelter right in my apartment.
Didn't want to buy food anyway . . . .
UPDATE July 27: This just published:
 Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund announced on Sunday that it will provide 160 portable bomb shelters to communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip. The KKLJNF raised $4 million from Diaspora Jews for the project, which will place concrete structures in Ofakim, Bnei Shimon, Gan Yavne, Sderot, Naveh, Bnei Netzarim, Sdot Negev, Eshkol, Hof Ashkelon, Merhavim, Sha’ar Hanegev and Netivot as well as in the Beduin communities of Lakiya, Sha’ar Shalom, Rahat and Hura.

The article continues at the Jerusalem Post.


Cloudia said...

Shalom, Cousin <3

Thanks for standing firm for all of us

Laurie said...

Wow. Be safe. My daughter is in Tel Aviv right now, heading for Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael for the ulpan.

Dina said...

Shalom Cuz Cloudia. Thanks.

Laurie, well! your daughter certainly didn't come at a boring time.
Is Ma'agan Michael really Israel's biggest kibbutz?
I fondly remember my own Hebrew ulpan at Kibbutz Hazorea in 1968.
I'm sure your daughter will have good memories too.

William Kendall said...

It's unimaginable from this part of the world, Dina.

Hels said...


I spent my Gap Year in Israel in 1966.. We may have passed each other. Or at least had coffee in the same cafes :)

My son has moved a bit further north now, but his business is still in Tel Aviv. If only we had peace for all Israel.

Nadege said...

What always gets me if that if you look at the gorgeous blue sky, the trees, the desert… it is a beautiful summer day that should be enjoyed by all. Instead, we have worries, loss of lives, terror... It is just not right. Courage Dina!

yael said...

My bomb shelter is 60 meters from my house. I have 60 seconds to reach it.I can do it!(I am 60++)

Dina said...

William, you're right, I know. That is why I write.

Helen, good luck to your son.
I made aliyah after you were here, in March 1968. Maybe we can meet next time you come here for a visit.

Nadege, yes, it looks pretty but our summer days are too hot to be outside much. In the low or mid 30s mostly.

Yael, kol hakavod, good for you!
At least you get some exercise running, while I sit at home. ;)

Karl Demetz said...

Oh, this is so terrible and sad...!
Stay safe, Dina.

VP said...

As you said, better than nothing, but I guess you are right staying safe at home anyway...

crystal said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the situation. Thinking good thoughts for you guys. It's very hot here too lately - 102 today.

Sara said...

I think I would stay home too!

Jim said...

It certainly is sad.

toby said...

Definitely better than nothing, definitely looks awful to be squashed in for 10 minutes, and definitely a sad commentary :(

I thought of you yesterday every time they said "Meitar" on the radio! Baruch Dayan HaEmet.