Thursday, July 3, 2014

Learn while you wait


Something new on the newest Metropoline buses that depart from Beer Sheva Central Bus Station!
A good way to use your mind while standing in line for a ticket?
"Have a nice day."

Nice expressions in Hebrew, English, Russian, and Arabic, the languages most heard in Beer Sheva.
"Have a pleasant ride." 

But look closely!
The original words are transliterated into Hebrew letters and are written phonetically.
It looks quite funny.

Toda! on top is the Hebrew word for thank you.
Then is says, on the right:
thenk yu
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  1. I am glad that at least one word is written in Latin characters...

  2. That is funny, as in humorous! I tried to read the Hebrew before I read your explanation and the only one I got was shukran. I know that means "thank you" in Arabic so I was kinda confused at first (my brain is a little slow today) Hahahaha!

  3. Nice:-)
    Tusen Takk in Norwegian

  4. When I was there the bus drivers were very helpful.

  5. I think it's nice to learn something on the side of a bus - other than obscenity as is so common in many places...painted on graffiti that can be quite offensive!!!

  6. Dina, I'll just take your word for it. I have enough trouble with English! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  7. What a great idea. And the way these translations are presented is quite artistic. Delightful.


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