Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our new President is sworn in


Today was Shimon Peres' last day as president.
He has been in this office seven years and has contributed some 70 years of his life to public service for the State of Israel.

Peres gave an inspiring speech before a packed Knesset.
Only the seats of the Israeli Arab Members of Knesset were empty, as they were boycotting the ceremony.
The ceremony was toned down because of the situation, so no horses and motorcycles and no big cocktail party this year.

Former Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin then took the oath of office as our new president, with his hand on the Bible.
His speech had stories of what his father had taught him.
Rivlin is an 8th generation Jerusalemite, a big honor in itself!

Long live our new president and the former one too!
The photo is my only one of Shimon Peres and is from a 2009 ceremony for Ethiopians Jews at Mt. Herzl.
See also this post which explains about the colorful "liturgical parasols" or ceremonial umbrellas.
UPDATE July 27:   Israel 21C gives some nice anecdotes about President Rubi Rivlin.


Spiderdama said...

God bless him!

Cloudia said...

8th generation? European Interloper!

But seriously: We wish him all the best in his most important job.

Nadege said...

Not an easy job but I hope his presidency will be successful and peaceful! I wish him the best!

William Kendall said...

Perez is a good man. Good capture of him.

Hels said...

Shimon Peres had been a truly wonderful politician and human being.

A President is only, and should only be a figurehead, as the Head of State. But even so, the new President needs to be an honourable human being. I wish Reuven Rivlin well.

Gunn said...

Twenty years back he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

VP said...

I do not know much of Reuven Rivlin, but I wish him all the best in this diffucut moment!