Saturday, September 27, 2014

Autoclaves and dedicated personnel + bonus rap video

As explained in the previous post, Shaare Zedek medical center offered two well-guided tours of their engineering and logistics facilities last week.
Today I'll show you their sterilization unit.

The hospital recently spent 20 million shekels (almost five and a half million dollars) to upgrade to this Swedish  Getinge Automation System.
Here some 50 of us curious Israelis were standing in the "dirty room" to which the used medical instruments are brought.

Wash-carts are put into these sophisticated "dish-washers."

Even a whole trolley can go through for disinfection.

The wash cycle in action.

The in-charge staff responsible for keeping everything sterile.
They did, however, allow us tourists to cross over into the "clean room" without suiting up in gowns, hats, and booties.

Every scissors and surgical instrument must be arranged in order, counted, and accounted for.
You know the old "joke" about surgeons forgetting something inside the patient . . . 

 Another machine.
With so many people clustered around our guide in such small quarters, it was hard for me to see and hear everything, to take notes and to photograph at the same time.
Why do the tallest and widest men always rush to the front and stay there, instead of giving the others a chance to see better? -- I really should work on improving my elbowing skills. 

It was Friday noon and all the non-essential staff were already on their way home to prepare for the Sabbath.
Shaare Zedek is a religious hospital.

The end product is carefully wrapped, labeled, and coded packages of germ-free instruments ready to be sent to the proper wards.
DON'T MISS this funny rap video about the importance of hand-washing starring Shaare Zedek hospital doctors and nurses!!! 


  1. State of the art facility. Lucky for you! Israel, on so many points, is much more advanced than the US. At least, it is not about making a buck but really caring for patients health.

  2. Nadege, thank you.
    Shaare Zedek is about the only big private hospital left in Israel. But it is a "public private" hospital. They certainly don't even break even on HMO patients like me.
    Shaare Zedek relies on foreign fundraising for capital development projects.

  3. That's a look behind the scenes at a side of a hospital we never really see.

  4. I do not like hospitals.., but I like your pics. Nice reflection of you:-)

  5. Great post, Dina! The video is wonderful. I love the guy break dancing in the hospital room. Love all of it.

  6. Sadly not a joke about forgetting something in the patient - it happened to a very dear friend of mine! She went in for a scheduled c-section. For days afterward she complained of terrible stomach pain and was basically told to "suck it up". Her mother finally insisted they do an x-ray (not just an u/s) on her and lo and behold, the surgeon had left behind a piece of gauze! (Full disclosure: this was not in Shaarei Zedek, it was in a Tel Aviv area hospital.)

  7. Robin, oi veh! That's awful.
    But how good that her mother insisted.

  8. Washing hands a little thing that carries so much importance.
    Keep it Clean!

  9. Not sure I would like to visit a hospital, but it may be really interesting...

  10. Noted with pride that the supposedly first rate equipment was upgraded once in Israel!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  11. That's a cute video. I'll be more careful to watch out for germs.

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    Aotoclaves Manufacturers.

  13. Tanya jha, shalom and welcome!
    In India? Thanks for the important instruments you manufacture.

  14. Whenever I read Your Post Allways got Something New

  15. Shalom Shweta. Thank you.
    You are always welcome here at the blog.
    Thanks for the important work you do in bioinformatics.


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