Monday, September 29, 2014

The heat-cold center


Our next station in our Jerusalem Houses From Within  guided tour of Shaare Zedek Medical Center was the heating/cooling  center which controls the air conditioning and heating and water systems of the big hospital.

The people who keep everything working well are so proud, they hang hospital flags among the boilers and pipes.
The little signs says that ear protection is a must.
Indeed,  the machines were very noisy down there.

The grey giant is a steam boiler.
These days, it is heated by electricity.

Should the hospital be cut off from its water supply by war or natural disaster, there are big reserve pools that hold enough water for 72 hours.
They are cleaned once a year. 

The all-important Control Room.
There is a back-up for every emergency break-down that might happen.
If something goes wrong with a machine or a computer, e-mails and SMSs go out immediately to call in the appropriate technician and man in charge, night or day, Shabbat or weekday.
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William Kendall said...

The concept of this tour reminds me very much of our Doors Open. It's a side of things you'll usually never see.

Hels said...

Cut off by war or by natural disaster.... absolutely critical *nod* There is no way a huge institution could survive without backup heating, cooling, water and lighting.

Birdman said...

Industrial shots always provide contemplative images with colors.

VP said...

I would like to see this part, I like machines an factory-like stuff!

Kay G. said...

Wow, the fact that they hang those flags impress me no end...imagine a place where people have pride in what they do, I love that.

Kay said...

This all sounds very efficient and reassuring.