Friday, September 26, 2014

Shaare Zedek's smokeless smokestack


The smokestack of Shaare Zedek hospital is cold and clean and useless.
It once carried particles and smoke high up (and hopefully away)  into Jerusalem's sky.
But nowadays, in our era of increasing greenness, the huge medical center uses a closed circuit system of pipes instead.

It would cost millions to take the chimney down, so up it stays.
Which is a shame because it can be seen for miles and miles around.
An eyesore, in my opinion. 
Not to mention that for many Jews any tall and stark chimney is a grim reminder of the Shoah (see my post "O the Chimneys").

Last week Jerusalem had her annual Houses From Within weekend.
One of the guided tours I took into normally inaccessible places was a walk down to and through the kishkes (the innards) of Shaare Zedek.
It was led by Gadi,  Director of Logistics and Engineering.
The tour was offered twice last Friday and about 100 curious Israelis learned a lot that day. 

I will show you more in the coming days. 

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  1. The Shoah did come to mind, looking at that. Millions or not, better to bring it down.

  2. William, would you like to be the first foreign donor for this cause? Imagine seeing the plaque "Here stood the ugly chimney demolished in 2014 thanks to the generosity of William Kendall."

    But seriously, I am glad to hear your opinion that it should come down. Let's start a public campaign!

  3. It's rather a terrible dilemma, isn't it? At least you got a decent sky shot out of the useless chimney.

    Eyes to the Sky

  4. Huff, I agree! Get it away!
    I like to donate some money
    Strong poem!

  5. I think the smokestack against the blue sky looks cool. :-)

  6. It is called Open House in London: it lasts a weekend and it works the same way. It is nice to visit places usually closed to the public.

  7. Friends, yeah, its sheer height looks impressive when you are standing right next to it.

    VP, I see at their websites that so far 15 cities in the world hold this annual cultural event.

    In Israel, "Open House" refers to one Shabbat every year that a town's artists invite the neighbors in to their yard or house to see what they are creating. (And sell it, too.) So we had to come up with a different name, "Houses from Within."

  8. Correction: Now I see 24 cities on their website that hold Open House.

  9. Thank you Dina I learn a lot reading your post :)

  10. Interersting. Most here are round.


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