Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our new dog park


It's seldom that I find an animal to contribute to the weekly Camera Critters group.
But here is something animal-related.
Guess what the concrete pipes are for. 

Yes! It is a brand new park for dogs!
Right here in my little town, Meitar.

These pictures are from October.  Maybe it looks a bit more finished by now.

"How Park" Park for Dogs  the sign says.
Hebrew-speaking dogs say how-how instead of English bow-wow or arf arf.
There are many rules, one being "No entry to bitches in heat."

Dogs on the streets are supposed to be on a leash, so here in the dog park  you can sit on a bench and enjoy watching  your dog(s) run free.


  1. A good idea. I can see that being really appealing for the hounds.

  2. In Australia, most families with children want a dog. In fact elderly people love small dogs too. But in Tel Aviv and surrounds, dogs would have been unacceptable.

    Great idea :)

  3. They are such social creatures that I am sure this is a great hit!

  4. Interesting, Dina!
    We don't have dog parks here...

  5. That is the best dog park I've ever seen. Totally cool!

  6. No grass, hunh? I hope all the dogs get along.

  7. I believe Japanese for bow wow is wan wan.


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